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How to Cater Your Sales Messaging to Close More Deals, A Sales Tip Video

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Updated Aug. 24, 2020
Published Mar. 30, 2016

In sales development, the power of asking the right questions is your strongest asset. And while matching the sales messaging of your buyer and asking the right questions can be tough, you can always uncover your prospects’ pain points and objectives with the right discovery strategy.

No matter how hard your prospects push back in the closing process, there’s always room to flex your closing muscles and get yourself the W. Our goal is to arm you with the right questions to ask, the process to follow, and the momentum to get you over the finish line.

That’s why Salesloft Senior AE Clint Green is here — to talk you through three of his sales tips around catering your sales messaging to the buyer in the final stages of closing. Watch the video below to get his insights on the closing process, and how he has become a power closer through a just a few strategic plays.

Video Transcription:

My name is Clint Green. I’m a Senior Account Executive here at Salesloft, and these are my three tips to catering your sales messaging to your buyer at the final stages of closing.

Number one, always cater your message to what you’ve been told in the past. So, when you first start doing your discovery phase, you’re going to ask a lot of questions. The person who asks the most questions is most likely going to win. So when you ask, “hey, what’s important to you? Increasing revenue by 37% or X, Y, and Z?” You also might be competing against status quo, “hey, you told me it was really important to improve X, Y, and Z.” It’s using what they’ve told you in the past to improve on what they’re going to do in the future so they’re really just selling themselves.

Tip number two is thinking about keeping your message to advancement. So, often times, momentum is what’s going to get you over the finish line. Make sure you ask questions in the beginning that say, “Hey, who outside of yourself is going to be involved in this decision?” Or, “Who would upset if they didn’t get to see this and the decision was made to move forward?” If you knew beforehand all the people that you’re going to have to get through, that’s going to help you have a better plan of attack — which is going to get you to the deal close faster.

Tip number three is to think about the psychology of the person behind the buyer. Everyone’s going to have their internal champion. And you need to understand who this person is — not just from what they have to do from a job responsibility perspective, but also what are they doing in their life. Are they a nine-to-five and go home? Understanding the psychology of who your buyer is (especially their role within the organization) is going to empower you to know how you should be responding to them, and what you should be sending them, so that they do most of the selling internally for you. Then you understand their motivating factors and can align them with yours.

As we wrap up, we hope these tips help you out. If you need more information, feel free to contact us here at Salesloft. Happy selling!

Clint’s Tips on Catering Sales Messaging To Your Buyer:

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