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Play to Your Strengths, A Sales Tips Video

2 min read
Aug. 26, 2015

Any content team can throw together their ideas to help expand your outbound market or develop your sales skills. But what really helps you grow as a sales leader is learning from real world reps — the ones who are in the thick of sales development. Every. Single. Day.

It’s week ten of our sales tip journey, and we’re stoked to continue sharing valuable takeaways for you and your sales development team through real-time sales experience.

Kicking us off is Lydia Henderson, Salesloft SDR Manager. You may remember her killer customized email template from a few weeks back, when she revealed how she set over 29 demos in 17 business days with just one touch. Today she is building on that knock-out personalization technique through both phone and email outreach. From customized email templates to refined call scripts, Lydia’s advice expands on how to play to your strengths in your sales outreach process.

Hot on Lydia’s heels is Salesloft Head of Product, Sean Kester, and he’s back to give you the #1 KPI metric for driving sales development success. And it’s not what you’d expect. Back in the early days of Lofting, Sean was Salesloft’s top SDR — and later Head of Sales Development. So if anyone knows what metric is going to push your sales development team over the edge — it’s this guy. Check out what it is that Sean believes is going to be the number one driver of your sales development success.

The strongest tool a sales development team can leverage is advice from sales development veterans. Real-life tips are invaluable to your team’s growth, and we’ve got more to come.

Check back with us next week for more kickass sales tips from some of our most successful Lofters!