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Know Your Prospects’ Technology Landscape

2 min read
Jul. 19, 2012

The sales rep is like a survivor in the wild, responsible for their own meals and always grasping for new resources [Tweet This].

For the most part, you can never know too much information about the companies you sell to. And if you sell software, one piece of knowledge that can be instrumental, is knowing your prospect’s technology landscape. Now there are $100,000+ services who will call on companies and manually find out what type of technologies companies use, & there are sneaky work arounds.

We’re going to show you one of those sneaky workarounds and if you sell SaaS, it will help you make more money.

The two technologies are called Ghostery & Builtwith.

  • Ghostery: this tool was actually meant to be used for security so people would know what tracking tools are used on websites, but it’s actually an awesome sales tool. Just download the plugin and when you visit a site, you’ll see the tech they use. So now, if you know that you’re product is complementary to another one, you can see if they use it prior to the call. You can also use this new information as a perfect talking point to the conversation. Check out Ghostery on the right hand side of the browser:

Free Sales Intelligence Tip | Know Your Prospect's Technology Landscape Builtwith plugin: also grabs technologies used on web sites. Both are free and both can be helpful.

Free Sales Intelligence Tip | Know Your Prospect's Technology Landscape

These tools will take your sales and business development to the next level, so what are you waiting for? Get on them today.