February 14, 2020 | 3 min. read

Inside Look: Revenue Leadership & Strategy Track at REV2020

4 tracks. 50+ sessions. 100+ speakers. 2000 attendees.

REV2020, SalesLoft’s industry conference about where sales is going, is shaping up to be a truly transformational event. With so much great content planned this year, we want to dive into each of the educational tracks and highlight some not-to-be-missed gems from the lineup.

The Revenue Leadership & Strategy track focuses on organizational structure and market trends, as well as culture, talent, and career development insights from proven sales leaders and industry experts. We’ll cover topics ranging from sales trends and scaling culture to prioritizing mental health.

Who Should Attend Revenue Leadership & Strategy Sessions?

If you’re a revenue leader, this track is for you. SalesLoft’s own leadership team planned the agenda for this track, drawing from their daily experience of running SalesLoft. We’re confident that all revenue leaders will find value in these talks.

If you’re not currently a Director, VP, or CXO but are an aspiring leader, you’ll find great insights to help chart your leadership development path to guide your success in 2020 and beyond!

3 Must-See Sessions

1) The 10 Biggest Marketing & Sales Predictions That Will Change Your Business in 2020

Speaker: Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst at TOPO

TOPO, a research and advisory firm helping sales and marketing organizations grow revenue faster, is about to release their Key Initiatives for 2020. These predictions are informed by TOPO’s data, research, and insights, and can guide business leaders’ decisions on processes, tech stack, and organizational design for 2020. TOPO’s Chief Analyst, Craig Rosenberg, will dig into 10 trends and what they mean for your business. See how other high-performing companies are already implementing programs to act on these insights and get tips to put your organization ahead of the competition.

2) Scaling Culture & Performance: Not Just a Pipe Dream

Moderator: Christine Kaszubski, Chief People Officer at SalesLoft
Hailey How at Google
Eileen Wiens at Sage Intaact

Building and maintaining a strong culture is critical for long-term business success. It sets the tone for how employees interact with one another and how they treat your customers. Yet, as companies grow, culture frequently collapses. In this session, leaders from Google and Sage will share lessons they’ve learned about scaling companies while maintaining a world-class culture.

3) Organizational Structure: A Tale of Two Companies

Moderator: Doug Landis, Growth Partner at Emergence Capital
Christina Foley, VP Commercial Sales at FireEye
Steven Broudy, VP of Sales at Bevvy

What separates great companies from good ones? Organizational structure. It’s one thing to succeed with a handful of employees, but scaling ideas, products, and processes is a whole new ballgame. Throw an evolving market into the mix and the challenge intensifies. We’ll look at what it takes to structure sales teams at nimble startups all the way through to maturing sales processes in enterprise organizations. Come hear unique perspectives and experiences from sales industry leaders who’ve gone through it and lived to tell the tale.

Are you registered?

This preview is far from an exhaustive list for this event. REV2020 has so much more to offer with 10 sessions in each of the four tracks. Check out our agenda to see all of the sessions.

Want to learn more from our customers and industry leaders? Join us in San Francisco from March 9-11, 2020 for REV2020! Register now.

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