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Introducing 5 Emerging Sales Development Practitioners

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Jun. 27, 2014

As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others
-Bill Gates

People often read the work of sales development thought leaders who evangelize process and tools. They do a great job of promoting ideas but the ones that implement their strategies are sometimes overlooked.

The practitioners are the real heroes.

They will help your sales team run smoothly. We know 5 such practitioners who exemplify sales development. Take a look:

1. Acquia’s Tom Murdock

Sales Development Practitioner

Acquia is one of the fastest growing private software companies in the nation. And Tom is their Inside Sales Manager.

Their team is even featured in a case study by Aaron Ross.

[box]Tom’s been a crucial part in their growth, as each prospector on his team is responsible for generating the pipeline that will produce $720,000 ARR per year.[/box]

In the first year alone, they added $6 million in qualified sales pipeline to an already fast growing team, exemplifying what sales development can do.

Follow Tom on Twitter @TomMurdock.

2. JJ Imbeaux from WhatCounts

Sales Development Practitioner

JJ and his team are masters of prospecting.

They’ve shared some great insights, including a 7×7 cadence that outlines outreach to prospects. It lays out seven touches over seven days, including phone calls, voicemails, and emails.

You can find more invaluable information from JJ in detail in WhatCounts’ Sales Development playbook or follow him on Twitter @JJImbeaux.

3. Brandon O’Sullivan at PernixData

Sales Development Practitioner

Brandon is currently the Senior Director of Corporate Sales at PernixData.

He works to motivate and grow the Corporate Sales team on the “Three P’s” …People, Process, and Performance.

His formula for success is based on hiring, developing, and retaining top talent, working leads, and opportunities using the same process, and delivering predictable, and scalable revenue growth.

His extensive experience is attributed in large part to his previous two leadership roles as VP of Corporate Sales at Appcelerator and Senior Director of Corporate Sales at EMC, where he managed a sales team that generated over $150 million in annual revenue.”

You can follow him @Brandono20.

4. Sean Kester from Salesloft

Sales Development Practitioner

Our very own Sales Development team lead, Sean was Salesloft’s first SDR.

He put in place many of the practices our BDR team uses today, and has been wildly successful. Made famous within the office by sending a hippo picture to unresponsive prospects asking if he needs to call animal control, Sean’s creativity helps drive a strong sales development process.

Sales Development Practitioner

Follow @TheSeanKester for the full experience.

5. Rivalry’s Jon Birdsong


The only person I’ve ever seen start a blog with a quote from Andre 3000, Jon isn’t afraid to take unique approach to what he does.

As CEO of Rivalry, Jon’s product helps nurture competition within sales teams (we use their leader boards ourselves).

Jon avidly writes content advocating the sales development process and uses specialization to drive Rivarly’s sales process.

He actively shares great sales content you can find by following him on Twitter @JonnyBird.

Now you’re familiar with the some of the best sales development practitioners, stay connected by following and engaging with them.