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Revitalize Sales with an Empire State of Mind {Video}

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Updated Aug. 4, 2021
Published Sep. 14, 2016

Finding new ways to revitalize sales isn’t always about some special sales training, reading the latest leadership book on Amazon, or following the traditional routes your manager tends to suggest to help you hit your monthly numbers. While we’re not knocking these tried and true tactics — leaders are readers, folks — sometimes the best way to truly revitalize sales is to step back from your desk, take a deep breath, and let yourself be inspired!

Inspiration can come from all different avenues, and whether it’s the clarity you get after hitting the pavement for a 5-mile jog, or the satisfaction you feel after finally nailing that recipe you’ve been testing over and over again, creating an environment for successful habits is all in your mindset. In this case, music is the muse we’re channeling today to revitalize sales and get ourselves in an empire state of mind for success in sales development.

This week’s episode of SDR TV’s Sales Tips features none other than the ultimate power duo, Beyonce and Jay-Z…er… I mean, Angela Kirkland and Peter Haas. This pair of powerhouse SDR Team Leads is here to share how they’ve been inspired by Queen Bey and her hubby in their day-to-day, and how you can revitalize sales this quarter with just a few sips of lemonade. Check out the video below:

Angela and Peter’s Tips on Revitalizing Sales:

Hey sales community! I’m super excited to be chatting with you all today. We have a really exciting episode. My name’s Angela Kirkland. I’m an SDR team lead here at Salesloft. I’m going to be chatting with you today with my associate Peter Haas. Hey, Peter!

Thanks, Ang — hey y’all. It’s Peter at Salesloft. As you guys know, 2016 was the year of Beyoncé, but it was also the year of super successful SDR teams.

We thought it’d be fun to kind of mix it up a little bit and give you guys some sales tips from the wise words of Jay Z and Beyoncé.

So, let’s sit back, grab an ice-cold glass of lemonade and dive into some tips.

The first tip I want to go over today is an example of how you all can revitalize your Monday and I immediately thought of Jay-Z’s song Empire State of Mind. He’s super passionate about New York. He and Alicia Keys just, it oozes out of the song how pumped they are and proud to be there.

That’s really a mindset thing and a mentality that you need to have going into every day. Your calls and your emails, that mindset and confidence really comes out. Take it from Jay Z, get yourself in an Empire State of Mind as an SDR.

As a successful SDR using the account-based model, I’m sure you guys are calling into your companies three or four times a day. Develop a relationship with the gatekeeper. Be authoritative. Use your lead’s first name or get creative, maybe call into the accounts payable line and throwing it back to our girl Bey in Destiny’s Child, don’t forget: you’re a survivor.

As a sales rep, you’re going to get hung up on, you’re gonna get told “No”, but don’t take it personally. You’ve got to be able to just keep charging through. Keep your confidence even if someone just told you “No” on the phone or you just got a canceled meeting from your email, you have to keep going and not take it personally. Just remember: onto the next.

Thank you all so much for spending some time with us today. Hopefully you all got something out of these sales tips and can easily reference the lyrics. They’re something that I run to and think about a lot as an SDR, so hopefully they can help you as well.

Peter, do you have anything you wanted to say? Yeah, Ang, actually, I do. Head over to our website, check out our awesome playlist of great content and ebooks we’re pushing out, and, as always, happy lofting.

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