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Ruling the Sales Development Field {Video}

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Updated Aug. 5, 2021
Published Nov. 2, 2016

We’ve compared Sales Development Reps to card sharks on the blackjack table, astronauts launching into space, and even the infamous sales scientist from back in the early days of Salesloft. But the analogy we just can’t help but continue to make: SDRs are the athletes ruling the landscape of the sales development field.

From the constant drilling of practice, to statistic-driven competition, sales is just a game of will that only gets better with determination, man-hours, and some good old fashioned teamwork. In fact, as a sales rep, either SDR or Account Executive, you can run the gamut on tips and tricks to become a better rep. But when it comes to becoming the all-star sales team player, the most effective tool is right next to you on the sales development field: your team.

That’s why Pete Whittingslow, Salesloft Sales Development Rep and former professional baseball player, is here on today’s episode of SDR TV’s Sales Tips to share some of the ways he channels his days of athletics in his every day sales process. Watch the video below to get Pete’s personal tips when it comes to being the top draft pick on the sales development field:



What’s up, everyone! Pete here from Salesloft. Today I wanted to talk to you about the sport of sales. Before I started my career here at Salesloft, I had a very long background in baseball and sports, for that matter. I wanted to share a few tips and things I’ve learned along the way in my sports background that has translated to sales success.

Alright, so you’ve heard the old saying, practice makes perfect. Well, I know when I was in my baseball career
we practiced every single day that wasn’t game day, because we were always trying to improve and get a little better, so when it was game day we were ready to execute and win.

We have the same concept here at Salesloft. We’re constantly call coaching, going over scripts, collaborating together as a team. So even though it might always be game day in sales, you’re still finding the time to practice and prepare yourself to win.

Keep the right stats. When I was pitching as a ball player, I would always keep up with my ERA and how many walks I was allowing per nine innings, and I knew if I hit my goals in those two stats my win-loss total would take care of itself. The same applies in sales. We all have that quota to hit, that number to get to.

Rather than just focus on that, look at things you can control like what is your conversion rate from conversation to scheduled appointment, and how many calls are you making per day? These are stats that you can track daily that will help you get to that number that you’re reaching at the end of the month.

Teamwork makes the dream work. In baseball I was one of nine individual contributors, but we always had a team first mindset and were always collaborating, helping, pushing each other towards that goal as one unit to reach that championship.

You follow the same script in sales like we do here at Salesloft where a few of our core values are positive, supportive, self-starting. I make sure to implement those every day. So while I do have my individual
metrics I need to get to, it’s so much more fulfilling to be able to work as a team and collaborate and reach these goals together.

Thanks for checking out today’s video. I hope it was helpful and brought value to your day. Make sure to check out the new website as well. We’re always pushing out new content and would love to get your feedback. As always, happy lofting!

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