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Sales Email Personalization Research

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Updated Aug. 26, 2021
Published Nov. 1, 2018

Sales email personalization. It’s a frequently discussed topic. There is no question personalizing communications to buyers is important. However, there are questions surrounding the practical application of personalization by salespeople.

We decided to find answers to our questions and share the findings to help other sales teams make the most out of their email personalization efforts. Together with, we answered these fundamental questions about personalization in sales emails.

Sales Email Personalization Questions Answered

  • What constitutes personalization?
  • Is there a balance between effort and reward?
  • What are the best topics for personalization?
  • Where should you personalize within an email?
  • How does your sales organization optimize personalization efforts?

Spoiler alert: Today’s buyers want – and expect – to feel understood. They want sales professionals to treat them as a partner, not a transaction. Going the extra mile with just 20 percent personalization can be the first step in building the right relationship for mutual success.

You read that right – just 20 percent is all you need! As one might expect, when very little time is spent personalizing an email, conversions are low. When the message isn’t targeted, you are at risk of burning leads; however, there is a point of diminishing returns. If sales reps are spending inordinate amounts of time personalizing emails, the effort required exceeds the reward. You want to find the sweet spot where effort and reward are in harmony.

Once you’ve found that balance, focus on execution. Obvious topics for personalization include company-level events or news. Those may not be the most lucrative choices though. Data shows that more person-specific personalizations yield the best results. Social media has enabled us to access more in-depth knowledge about people with whom we aren’t close.

For instance, did you know that mentioning the baseball team a prospect is a fan of yields a 1.72x higher response rate and a 3.84x higher appointment rate? This new research includes several examples of highly successful person-specific personalizations.

Bottom Line?

Whatever you do, keep the end goal in mind. Your sales team should always seek to provide prospects with a more authentic, human experience… and to inspire a response. It’s a win for everyone.