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Sales Follow Up Strategies From a Senior Account Executive

3 min read
May. 18, 2016

Sales follow up is crucial to your closing success, especially as an Account Executive. In fact, it’s equally as important for AEs to stay on top of opportunities post-meeting as it is for Sales Development Reps to follow up with their prospects and leads.

We’re constantly championing the SDR, and sharing ways to keep prospects from falling through the cracks — and we want to do the same for the closers out there. We want to ensure that you, the AE, don’t lose a deal by simply failing to follow through on a sales follow up opportunity. 

Today on SDR TV, we have Salesloft Senior Account Executive Kevin Walkup here to talk you through his three sales follow up strategies that will help you effectively stay in touch with an opportunity post-meeting and close strong. Check out the video below to learn more:

Video Transcription on Sales Follow Up Strategies:

Hey guys, Kevin Walkup here with Salesloft.

I’m a Senior Account Executive over here, and today I want to cover three different tips with you guys on how to most effectively follow up with people after you’ve done the demo.

Step number one is defining next steps. Just like SDRs following up with their leads, it’s just as important for an AE to be following up with their prospects and taking those opportunities to turn them into net new deals.

Tip number two is owning the deal. Now that we’ve defined next steps, you are in full control of what’s going to happen next in this deal process. You need to stay top of mind, maybe even drop some valuable content into these folks that you’ve found from the Salesloft blog based on the conversation that you had with them last.

Tip number three is to be unique and be memorable. This starts when you’re on the demo and all the way through when you’re following up through the entire opportunity and deal process.

I might even go in, look at someone’s Crystal Knows profile based on their personality, send them a funny gif, maybe a funny joke, or be a little bit more cut and dry but it’s all about sticking to the process and making sure these people remember you and come back to you when they’re ready to buy.

So those are my three tips for owning the process from an AE standpoint after you’ve done the demo that these SDRs have set for you. And I’d love to learn from you guys as well about what has worked for you.

Maybe some funny gifs, or even jokes that you’ve used in the past to be successful.

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