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Our Sales Team Can’t Live Without Team Cadences. Here’s Why. [Video]

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Updated Aug. 25, 2021
Published Aug. 9, 2017

It’s rare and exciting when a new piece of technology comes along that changes the way you work to a degree that’s irreversible. Technology that, now that you have it, you can’t imagine giving up.

For the Salesloft sales organization and many of our customers, team cadences fit that description.

Team cadences take the power of a Salesloft cadence and make it accessible to the whole team. It’s a small change, but it has an enormous impact. Team cadences allow managers to provide a framework and process to their reps automatically and seamlessly. This alignment across the team makes for easier sales coaching, faster onboarding, and a more agile sales strategy.

Our team has only been working with team cadences for a few months and they have already made team cadences an indispensable part of their sales process. That’s why Blanche Reese joins us for this week’s edition of Modern Sales Tips to share how her team is putting team cadences to use.



Hey everybody, Blanche Reese here at Salesloft. Today I want to talk to you about how team cadences can speed up your daily routine as a sales rep. Team cadences are really unique compared to a personal cadence, and I want to talk to you today about how we’re leveraging them at Salesloft.

The first reason you might want to use a team cadence is to cut down ramp time drastically for your new reps. A team cadence is going to allow a new rep to come in and already have a proven process built out for them. This gives a new rep the ability to go ahead and start executing on their calls, emails, social touches, whatever their process is to get in touch with that perfect prospect. As a manager, this is going to help you coach your new reps on their strengths and weaknesses. Since we implemented team cadences on the SDR team here at Salesloft, we’ve been able to have better coaching sessions because we’re not as focused on the process.

Another struggle modern sales managers face is scaling out a process across the entire sales team. Team cadences are great for this, because you can build out the entire process and scale that across your team instantly, and if any changes do need to be made later on down the road, they only have to be done once. As a manager, getting that data faster is going to allow you to make the necessary changes faster, leading to more qualified opportunities in your pipeline. Thanks for watching everybody, hope that you were able to learn something new about team cadences.

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