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SalesLoft User Meetups: From Sea to Shining Sea

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Updated Aug. 4, 2021
Published Feb. 9, 2018

That’s a wrap. We ended our pre-Rainmaker user meetups in Seattle, the Emerald City. And it certainly did *sparkle*. We’ve had a great time visiting you, hearing your stories, and connecting you to other Salesloft stars! (Shoutout to SportsRecruits & Zipwhip for amazing experiences!)

The Longest Distance Across America

…is 2,800+ miles from coast to coast!

I bet we covered more miles than that since kicking off our first user meetup of the year in San Francisco in January. Hosted at the Salesloft office, this user meetup brought together our Salesloft CEO, Kyle Porter, and Salesloft COO, Rob Forman, with Sales Development Lead Sean Simerly from Entelo to initiate and encourage an open discussion on Salesloft best practices.
Salesloft’s CEO, Kyle Porter, introducing our first user meetup of 2018 in San Francisco

Next, we moved over to New York for the second event, co-hosted by our friends from SportRecruits. What a blast this was! We added a special treat, flying the Salesloft Customer Success Manager for SportsRecruits, Sophie Darch, out to connect with this awesome team.

Our SportsRecruits hosts for New York user meetup

And last, but certainly not least, we partnered with Zipwhip in Seattle for an intimate fireside chat! Getting the conversation started was Head of Solutions Engineering at Salesloft, Don Otvos, and joining him, Erin Hill, Director of Sales Operations at Zipwhip. Great minds, great stories, great solutions. Custom swag from our user meetup at Zipwhip in Seattle

Special shoutout to our fearless traveling Field Marketer, Katie Barth, for the success of these events!

The Shortest Distance Between Two Hearts

…is a straight line.

And we want to connect the dots with you this March in Atlanta at Rainmaker. This 3-day conference is our chance to meet you, dive deep into sales trends and build a community of experts on personalization as an art to selling. Join us for the best sales conference of the year and help us empower others to be their very best, too.

We Can Go The Distance

We may have already covered thousands of miles, but we have plenty more to go. That’s why we are heading back out after Rainmaker. The list of cities isn’t finalized, yet, so drop us a comment with a compelling reason why we should pop over to your neck of the woods!

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