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The Secret to Better Account-Based Strategy? Sales and Marketing Alignment

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Updated Aug. 25, 2021
Published Oct. 18, 2017

What makes account-based strategy so hard? It’s a straightforward strategy, but it requires one simple thing that very few companies are capable of: consistent, effective communication between sales and marketing. Without proper communication, account-based efforts between your sales and marketing teams may become disorganized and result in lost sales stamina or, even worse, lost deals.

Fortunately, you can take steps to prioritize communication between your marketing and sales teams. Whether you schedule weekly meetings between marketing, sales managers, and sales ops or have marketing personnel attend weekly sales meetings, your goal is to keep everyone aligned about sales initiatives and processes.

That’s why we’ve invited Melissa Meinert, Marketing Program Manager here at Salesloft, for this edition of Sales Tips to talk more about how marketing and sales teams directly interact to reach sales goals.



Hi, Melissa Meinert here from Salesloft, and I’m the marketing program manager. I’d like to talk to you today about how marketing can work directly with sales to support their efforts. While marketing and sales are often separate in traditional businesses, they come together in modern sales organizations. At Salesloft, we even base many of our quarterly goals on sales performance. We even discussed this in a recent video with our director of programs. Since it’s my goal to help our sales team reach their quotas we’re constantly communicating. Today, I’m going to share two tips I find very valuable as marketing is working with sales.

My first tip is to stay on the same page about target accounts by meeting every single week. Since specific accounts are very valuable to our sales team, they’re also very valuable to marketing. That’s why we meet weekly with our SDR managers and our sales operations team to see what we can do to help support these accounts. This lets us know which accounts to focus on for the week, and which tactics have been working, and which ones have not. This allows us to be a sales-first organization, as three departments come together to focus resources on these accounts. Since starting these meetings, we’ve become more aligned with target account processes and then increased the number of target accounts worked.

My second tip is to join your sales team’s weekly meetings. Our sales team meets every Monday to review important items for the week. I find joining these meetings extremely valuable so I can hear important updates from our organization’s sales leaders. It also lets me see what’s important at a high level. Knowing exactly where sales is focused helps me cater to their needs. For instance, if our sales team changes their conversation flows, I can immediately update our ads and our marketing collateral. It also gives me the opportunity to present new programs as well as brainstorm ideas directly with the sales team. With immediate feedback and insights, both teams are able to quickly and smoothly make changes.

Thanks for watching. I hope you learned a few tips about how marketing can help support sales in a modern sales organization. Have a great day.