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The Sincere Seller’s Manifesto for Top of the Funnel Sales Development Reps

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Updated Aug. 25, 2020
Published May. 23, 2016

Top of the funnel Sales Development Reps are the frontline sellers. They’re in the trenches, arming the gates of your sales organization and acting as the ambassadors and protectors of your customers, product, and company. They honor their fellow reps by adhering to their playbook and honoring its precise execution.

But modern SDRs are more than just top of the funnel, quick-fire salespeople. They’re sincere sellers with intentionality and agility, and their processes — and their customers’ processes — are in a constant state of adaptation and growth.

Because of this ever-changing sales environment, the SDR needs a manifesto to remind them every day of their mission and purpose and to affirm their commitment to top of the funnel sales. We’re calling it The Sincere Seller’s Manifesto.

The Sincere Seller’s Manifesto

This is your mission: be a Sincere Seller and an empathetic Sales Development Rep.

If you’re looking for the ideal customer, stop; they will be waiting for you when you start targeting the right personas.

If you don’t make enough calls, come in early and stay late.
If you reach a gatekeeper, find the decisionmaker.
If you get an objection, be positive and discover why.

Start doing things that make you exceptional.
There is opportunity in every sales email; personalize them.
Stop over-selling; sincere selling is simple.

Every customer is important.

When you listen, appreciate every last insight.
Ask the next prospect you call what their pains are, and share your solution with them in the context of those pains.

Open your mind to new processes and people, we are strengthened by our unique skills.
Read often; continuing education will supercharge your growth.

Sales is about the people you serve and the work you put into helping them, so be supportive.
Days are short, so self start, work smart, and make it happen.

We believe in the modern SDR, and top of the funnel sales process that empowers these reps every day. That’s why believe every rep should be armed with the Sincere Seller’s Manifesto, and a Sales Development Playbook to reflect the sincerity, personalization and specialization of each step of the SDR’s process.

Just like any training camp, Sales Development Reps are dialed in from the start. The moment a new SDR joins the team, they should own a fully fleshed sales development playbook that runs the gamut from planning, to executing, to analyzing. A great team is only as great as it’s scalability, and with a sales development playbook, you’ll be able to plan, execute, and analyze at scale.

Start today! Download the first section of our newest playbook trilogy, The Sales Development Playbook: Planning, where we discuss career path and structure, as well as how to efficiently create a process and find data to be successful in your execution.

Download our free white paper and optimize your sales efforts to start crushing your sales development goals today.

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