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The Year of the Account Based Sales Development Rep

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Updated Aug. 10, 2021
Published Oct. 19, 2016

2016 has officially been deemed the year of the Account Based Sales Development Rep because it’s acting as the first wave of modernization for the sales organization. But what does it mean for you as an individual SDR? What kind of mindset shifts do you need to make as you transition to an ABSD process?

You may be hesitant to change your process — especially if you’ve been crushing your lead-based numbers — but you need to keep in mind that your goal is to be more effective in driving revenue for the company. ABSD helps foster strategic relationships, and you’re becoming more than just an SDR, but an advocate for your product and brand.

Join us today on SDR TV’s Sales Tips as we sit down with Kenny Traber, Salesloft SDR Team Lead, as he talks about his shift to the Account Based Sales Development Rep process, and the mindset that’s required to make the change. Watch the video below to learn more:


Video Transcript:

What’s up everyone, this is Kenny Traber. I’m an SDR Team Lead here at Salesloft. I’ve been an Account Based Sales Development Rep for about six months now and have picked up on some tips along the way, so would love to share a couple of those with you today.

The first tip is to make sure you’re working the right number of accounts consistently. Here at Salesloft, we found that between 100 and 120 accounts should be worked on a monthly basis. If you realize that you’re not within that comfort zone of 100 to 120 accounts, if you’re below somehow or somehow that you have too many accounts that you’re trying to work at the same time, they’re probably not going to get the activity that they need to convert into a qualified opportunity. So try to tighten it up a little bit and stay within your comfort zone of number of accounts that you’re working.

The next tip is to make sure you’re working the right number of people per account. A lot of times, you prospect into a company and you think you have the right person and then you get in touch with them and realize that they’re actually not the right person.

For example, here I am on a LinkedIn page. You’re looking at my profile. I’m one of your prospects and based on my title, you think that I’m gonna be the right person to talk to, but you’re soon gonna find out that I’m just gonna refer you up to my boss.

So is it more important for you to get in touch with my boss directly to save you some time? Or do you want to get in touch with me to leverage our conversation for a referral up to my boss? The next tip for you guys is to use persona based selling. What we’ve done here at Salesloft is we’ve identified, based on persona, what someone’s priorities might be in their specific role.

Then, whenever you’re reaching out to them to gain more traction, you can use language or messaging that’s specifically relevant to their position. Earlier in this video, I mentioned leveraging referrals when you’re speaking to a decision maker. What’s really important about that is to make sure you get permission from the person you speak with. So if I call into a sales line and I speak with sales rep Keith, I wanna make sure that I get his permission before I go to call his boss.

That way, whenever I call his boss, I can say, “Hey, you and I haven’t spoken before, but I spoke with your sales rep Keith. You know Keith, right? Great, I actually just spoke with Keith just now. He mentioned that I should give you a call directly to talk about Salesloft. He said it sounded interesting.” And whenever you do that, then you’re able to have more of a warm introduction, almost like Keith was introducing you to his boss rather than just making it a cold call.

Alright, y’all, those are my tips. Hopefully you found some of them helpful in regards to Account Based Sales Development. Let me know if you have any other tips that you think I should be doing or if you found these tips useful, please head over to

We just released a new website — we’d love to hear your thoughts. We’re releasing new content on the website every single day. Hopefully you can find it helpful. Thanks again, and Happy Lofting!

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