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How to Use SalesLoft Inside Your Email and Salesforce

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Updated Aug. 25, 2021
Published Jun. 7, 2017

The first thing you do in the morning as an Account Executive is check your email. The second? You likely open another tab for Salesforce. Throughout the day, between research for phone calls and additional email sends, Salesforce and other tabs begin to multiply until you can barely even see what each one is for.

Maybe having 20 tabs open doesn’t bother you, but it’s really easy to lose information between tabs. While you’re on an important call, the last thing you want to say is, “Hold on, where did I put that tab?” You sound disorganized and unprepared. You need to have that information readily available no matter what tab you have open.

Sales engagement platforms like Salesloft can make all of this cross functionality simple again. Salesloft Connect allows you to run and log all of your activity directly from the sources you spend the bulk of your time; your email and Salesforce. No more need to bounce between tabs. Notes, contact and activity information is all right where you need it most.

We’ve invited Tyler Bliss, Account Executive here at Salesloft, for this edition of Modern Sales Stories to discuss how he uses Salesloft in his day-to-day workplaces.


Hey everyone Tyler Bliss, Account Executive here at Salesloft. As you know, being an account executive and closing deals, your main workplaces are your email and So today, I’m going to show you how to use Salesloft in your favorite workspaces.

As an account executive, 70% of my time is spent within email. So luckily with Salesloft, I can see my notes that I’ve had with a prospect as I’m emailing them, I can set reminders, I can go through my reminders, I can immediately create contacts or leads when a new person from that account comes up and I can create that back to I can also draft on behalf, so if I think an email from our CEO or our VP of sales would go over a little bit better with this account, I can do that all while I’m in my email. I know another place that account executives spend a lot of their time, and that’s And so while I’m in Salesforce, again, that’s a great place for notes, I’m able to have all my contacts right there in the account. And so while I’m looking at all of that, I want to be able to make one-off calls or send one-off emails while I’m looking at very valuable information.

With the new Salesforce Connect, I can do that and have the calls logged back to One of the ways accounting executives can be successful with Salesloft is Live Call Studio. So my managers are consistently helping coaching through different aspects of the job. And so what they can do is be on the call, and they can just listen to see how I’m doing. They can either whisper in and give me valuable advice as I’m on the call, or they can join in if they see a need for them to join in and add value to the conversation. So if you have any comments or questions or additional advice as an account executive, feel free to leave them at the comments below and have a wonderful day.