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Using a Dialer to Supercharge Salesforce

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Updated Aug. 10, 2021
Published Nov. 1, 2016

You’ve learned that letting the insights gained from lead records fly under the radar as basic CRM inputs is a detriment to your sales process. So, given that you’re in the process of taking control of your Salesforce lead records, and empowering your process with that data-driven knowledge, it’s time to put that knowledge to the test in the most original sales development medium possible: using a dialer.

Sales Development Reps (SDRs) need to become creative sales dialing machines in order to hit their monthly quota, and any high-performing sales team needs a modern sales dialer, custom built around the sales development process for maximum effectiveness and efficiency, to do this.

Why is that? First off, the speed at which you respond to an incoming lead is important as an inbound SDR, and the channel with the highest rate of contact continues to be the phone. Fortunately, calling incoming leads no longer involves rolodexes (or even typing numbers from your CRM screen into a physical phone) because Sales Engagement Platforms like Salesloft provide a dialer that can be used to phone reps directly from your computer, right from inside Salesforce.

That’s why we created our newest ebook,“Salesforce for Sales Engagement: Sales Development Reps,” to empower modern SDRs to leverage using a dialer as a way to supercharge their Salesforce capabilities.

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You see, modern dialer technology affords SDRs a number of advantages in their cold calling process. From recorded voicemails, which save time by dropping in pre-recorded messages that lend a consistent response, to auto-captured call activity in Salesforce, using a dialer has never been smoother. This way, as you run down your list of calls, dialers like Salesloft will automatically log calls, record tasks, capture notes, and sync directly into Salesforce, without missing a beat in your call rhythm.

What’s more, learning is always a value you should prioritize when using a dialer. Salesloft helps you learn from your calling experience faster, by providing call recording for sales managers to reference during one-on-one meetings and coaching sessions. By being able to play back specific moments in the recording, your sales managers will be able to identify areas of improvement in areas like:

  1. Greetings. Did you quickly state your name and the reason for your call? Did you ask permission for their time? Time is valuable for both the SDR and the prospect, so don’t assume that they’re going to give their’s freely.
  2. Pitches. Did you ask the right discovery questions? How well did you tie your solution into to their pain points, specifically? Your pitch should show the benefits of your product succinctly, while still aiming at solving their problems.
  3. Objection Handling. Do you know what to say to each and every kind of objection you may come across? After you’ve heard the prospect’s objections, clarify and confirm them to prove that you are invested in their issues and are here to help.

All of these details of a call are crucial to your success as an SDR, and using a dialer will take your coaching sessions from abstract role playing, to direct references for managers to quickly coach reps through their own conversations.

And as if sales call performance improvement wasn’t enticing enough, modern dialer technology also improves your chances of connecting with prospects on straight a call-by-call basis. Salesloft has an intelligent dialer solution, LocalDial, to match the area code of the number you’re calling from to the area code of your lead, which has shown to be 4x more successful for connects.

All of these things are directly integrated into Salesforce, allowing for all of your activity to sync straight to your CRM, the hub for all of your aggregated sales data. Don’t let a lack of technology hold your sales calling back, and instead use a dialing platform that turns your simple Salesforce usage into a powerhouse activity machine.

Download your free copy today and start getting the most out of Salesforce by using a dialer. Just few small tweaks to your process can turn a CRM like Salesforce into your secret weapon for customer acquisition.