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Without These Sales Behaviors, You Shouldn’t Even Step Into The Sales Arena

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Jan. 28, 2014

Problems can’t stop you, obstacles can’t stop you, and most of all, other people can’t stop you. Only you can stop you. -Jeffrey Gitomer

If you’re going to step into the sales game, you’ve got to be true to yourself. Before you can focus on metrics, cold calls, and emails, you’ve got to reflect on what you’re working for.

Is it to get paid? Provide value? Build your business?

Whatever it may be, make sure you can answer these eight questions to establish your behaviors in the sales arena.

Here they are:

1. Do you have a compelling belief in yourself, your corporation, and what you have to offer customers?


Have a vision of what you and your business will be and how you can successfully meet the needs of all your customers. Explaining big picture value beyond outright features and benefits will make you a stellar salesman.

2. Do you have a really great attitude and project yourself as confident and knowledgeable without appearing arrogant?


A positive attitude goes a long way. Even if you’re having a tough day, maintain confidence and composure. Your buyers will recognize the strength and solidarity.

3. Are you a person of sincere intent?


While insincere sales have never been a good thing, in today’s informed buyers will be able to tell if you’re only interested in a profit.

4. Do you have purpose in the way you invest your time and interact with others?


Make an attempt to be sharp and on the ball at all times. Everything you do should be geared towards achieving your vision. Use every second of your time effectively.

5. Are you fully engaged every time you meet someone?


Active listening is an invaluable skill. Give your prospect some feedback and guide their concerns and questions in a helpful manner. Regardless of a conversation’s length, try your best to make a good impression.

6. Do you plan to ask great questions?


If you like to be the only one talking, your sales relationships are going to suffer. Asking questions and letting your buyers know you’re listening, sincerely interested, and compassionate all set the groundwork benefit on both sides.

7. Are you habitually disciplined in your approach to the sales process and do you have solid work ethic in doing the right things at the right time?


Sometimes helping people is inconvenient. Working through this inconvenience is an important way to make your prospects happy. The little things like lightning fast responses and troubleshooting help will set you apart.

8. Are you tactically capable of execution?


While the mindset may be there, it’s important to be able to use technology to bring your sales together. If your technical skills aren’t up to par, explore ways to improve them. You should work towards being a CRM guru and master of cold emails.

What were your answers? Hopefully these sales behaviors helped you gain a little insight into how effective you are. Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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