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“You Want to Be Average? Stay Average.” An Interview with John Barrows

2 min read
Mar. 25, 2016

There are hard working people in this industry. And then there’s another level of hard working people like John Barrows.

John is sales trainer to the world’s leading tech companies. Through his extensive experience and the lessons learned throughout his years in the brutal, unforgiving world of sales, John’s goal is to provide the sales training that’s been historically lacking in the sales development community.

“It’s amazing to me that sales is the No. 1 profession in the world, and yet none of us were formally taught how to do it. Very few of us have a degree in sales, or were given any initial training or direction beyond, ‘Here’s your territory, good luck.’ That’s why we need to find ways to educate ourselves and get better every day.” -John Barrows

The man is a sales machine, working every day to be better at his craft than the day before. His skill, dedication, and work ethic are just a few of the qualities that have made John who he is today.

His secret to success? Watch the video below to find out.

(Spoiler alert: It’s no secret.)

If there’s one thing I can get out to people, it’s this: Don’t expect shit. Go earn it. GO EARN IT. Stop bitching and moaning about leads… Go make it happen.” – John Barrows