About Digital Reach

Digital Reach is a full service digital marketing agency with market expertise in SEM, SEO, Analytics, Web Development, Marketing Automation, and more. The company was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing a better customer experience at an affordable price.

Digital Reach noticed that most companies in their space charged huge set-up fees to pay commission to their sales teams and did little work to keep their costs down. Digital Reach decided to do the opposite. They figured, if they could make themselves affordable on the front-end, they could show that they were trusted partners instead of just another transactional exchange.

As Ben Childs, President of Digital Reach, puts it, “We figured that if we did that, the money would take care of itself. That’s our ethos still to this day.”

The Challenge: Uniting a Nationwide Sales Team on One Platform

While Digital Reach was founded in San Francisco (in a San Francisco apartment, like most burgeoning tech companies), the company’s sales team is located in multiple locations across the country. With such a distributed sales team, Digital Reach was struggling to create efficiency and accountability for their sales team’s performance. They also found it difficult to allow remote teams to stay on the same page, let alone share knowledge and collaborate.

“Before SalesLoft, we had tried most dialers on the market without success.”Andrew Seidman

The Solution: A Single Platform for Dialing, Email, and Collaboration

After implementing SalesLoft for 6 months, the sales team at Digital Reach is already seeing greater organization and clarity in their sales process. SalesLoft has provided greater insight into their key sales metrics (calls, emails, successes, etc), making it easier for managers to assess performance and hold sales reps accountable, even from across the country.

“Being able to connect calls-per-hour with successes meant that we could better evaluate success remotely, and most importantly, keeping an organized workflow meant that our people could stay focused all day.”

SalesLoft has also helped Digital Reach to organize the daily workflow of their salespeople, aligning team members in multiple locations and bringing a disparate set of tools into one location. Where sales reps once had to jump between multiple tools to perform their daily functions, they can now access these tools from one platform, keeping an organized workflow and allowing Digital Reach’s salespeople to stay focused all day. Instead of having a dialer for calls, gmail for emails, Salesforce for reminders and tasks, and hand-make cadences to use between those things, SalesLoft allowed Digital Reach to keep all activity in one place.

“SalesLoft’s dialer works perfectly, their email templates work great, and the analytics tracks the data, reminders and cadences are built into the system.”

“This has led to greater transparency and competition, and increasing call, email, and closed-won metrics across the board.”

The Results: An Increase in Sales, Revenue, and Insight

Since implementing SalesLoft, Digital Reach has seen their monthly average sales increase 23% when compared to the previous 6-month period. This is a dramatic increase in sales effectiveness right out of the gate.

SalesLoft has also helped Digital Reach to start gathering meaningful data so they can track calls-per-deal, emails-per-deal, and compare across the sales team.

“This has led to greater transparency and competition, and increasing call, email, and closed-won metrics across the board.“