About VividCortex

VividCortex is the leader in database performance monitoring. Unlike legacy monitoring solutions, VividCortex measures what actually matters with database performance: query performance. VividCortex has a killer feature set that solves the pain of getting visibility into diverse, distributed databases at scale. Their customers instantly see database workload across the data tier, find problems as they occur, and solve them with a couple of clicks.

VividCortex chose SalesLoft to boost activity, streamline the prospecting process, and standardize outreach for sales development reps.

The Challenge: Top of the Funnel Tedium

We spoke with Baron Schwartz, founder and CEO at VividCortex. Baron founded the company after years of being a recognized expert in the MySQL community. He noticed a consistent trend: it was impossible to measure query performance at scale. This led him to develop tools to tackle this problem, and from those tools the VividCortex SaaS solution was born.

Before implementing SalesLoft, activity was a primary challenge for Baron and his team.

“Even after identifying the right companies and contacts, the top of the funnel was extremely mind-numbing and tedious. There just wasn’t an effective method to speed up this process. Everything seemed to take too many clicks. When I stepped into their prospecting shoes, I realized how awful the process was and how we needed a significant change.”

Baron was chargrined at first by the tedium, but hopeful. “I just couldn’t believe my reps had to do this. I needed to find some way for them to be much more efficient.”

The SalesLoft Solution: Respectful, Efficient Personalization at Scale

“As a DBA and software engineer myself, I know exactly how it feels to get a cold email,” Baron explained. “It’s a matter of both respect and efficiency. No matter what tools you use, prospecting into a poor fit is a huge waste of time with many negative impacts.”

To Baron, SalesLoft’s benefit was simple to explain: “The ability to respectfully and efficiently personalize outreach at scale.”

VividCortex’s reps run the full sales cycle using SalesLoft, and don’t specialize prospecting roles.

Each target account is carefully targeted and researched. SalesLoft has brought us massive gains in efficiency when it’s time to act on that research.

SalesLoft wasn’t the first tool that Baron’s team tried. “We tried some integration tools and browser plug-ins. There was so much overlap in their functionality, but they all missed the mark when it came to providing a complete solution to our sales team.” Some of these tools had bad side effects, such as exposing link-tracking code in emails. “This might not be a problem if you’re selling to another audience, but you just can’t get away with that when reaching out to software engineers.”

The Result: Real, Measured Increases in Rep Activity

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.48.52 AM

As shown in the above report from SalesForce, sales rep activities more than tripled as SalesLoft was rolled out to their team in July 2015.

“This is what we’ve been trying to do,” said Baron.

The cadence that SalesLoft provides our sales development reps is probably the team’s favorite feature.

Getting Started: Reduced Complexity and Easy On-Boarding

Sales development reps picked up and ran with the SalesLoft platform right away. “SalesLoft’s interface is pretty easy,” Baron explained. “Salesforce itself is very complex and can be intimidating if you’ve never used it before. Once you’ve got the hang of Salesforce, SalesLoft is a simple component of a much more complex solution.”