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Coach Your Way to 25% More Revenue Leveraging Technology

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April 25, 2018

Sales technology. Coaching. Effectiveness. We hear these buzzwords daily, but how can we bring these together to create a high-performing culture of accountability?

Being a good coach, from baseball to business, requires a combination of in-depth knowledge in a field as well as the leadership skills necessary to empower and inspire a group. In sales, coaches have the advantage of being able to incorporate technology to be more effective.

As a sales leader, it’s not always easy to find the time to (effectively) coach your team. This eBook will provide you with real-world ways you can leverage technology to coach more effectively.

In these pages, you’ll find actionable, real-world ways that today’s top sales leaders are using technology to put time back in their day and be more effective coaches. The technologies run the gamut – from call recording to motivating with YouTube (yes, YouTube) – there is literally something for everyone.

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