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How to Drive Adoption of Your Sales Engagement Platform: A Step-By-Step Guide

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October 15, 2020

“To promote acceptance of technology-enhanced selling, the sponsors, sales leaders and key stakeholders (including sales reps) must explicitly and repeatedly enunciate the benefits of the program.” –Forrester SiriusDecisions, Technology-Enhanced Selling

So, you bought a Sales Engagement platform. As you already know, technology purchases involve countless conversations, comparisons, and negotiations. They also require understanding and auditing your current tech stack, and assessing existing processes before you can even choose the right vendor.

After working hard to align people around a vision and gain the buy-in needed for the purchase, it may feel like you’re back at square one again, but this time with your user base.

Because, let’s face it: no one enjoys change. Sales teams are already strapped for time and implementing new technology can be disruptive if not done right

Forrester’s SiriusDecisions research brief, Technology-Enhanced Selling, asserts that a person’s decision to adopt a new technology is tied to their perceived value of it:

Will it help them sell more, achieve quota, win more deals, or reduce administrative time?”

These are the questions you must answer for sellers all along the way. And then you need to show them how.

What’s Inside This Guide

In this ebook, we’ll share how to drive the highest possible adoption of your new technology. Given our own experience implementing Salesloft with hundreds of teams, we’ve established a clear five-step process to help you start strong. This methodology has been credited as key to helping companies reach full utilization of our platform and achieve ROI.

5 steps