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Selling Secrets: Top EMEA Sales Leaders Open Up about Hiring, Social Selling, and Key Metrics

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March 23, 2021

Selling has never been easy, but the global pandemic has made it even harder.

Overnight, many sales organisations had to transition to remote selling. The way companies sold yesterday no longer works today. In this new normal, are you equipping sellers with the tools and processes they need to succeed?

In times like these, it’s helpful to understand what other teams are doing to win. So Salesloft and Sales Confidence teamed up to  ask seven EMEA sales leaders how they’re finding success through it all. We asked them to share their thoughts on these key topics:

  • Sales trends impacting their organisations today
  • What to look for when hiring top talent
  • How to build a happy sales culture
  • Focus areas when developing and coaching people
  • The most critical tools in their sales tech stacks
  • Key metrics for sales teams

As you review the sales trends impacting everyone’s organisations, you will likely notice an emerging theme. Companies are seeking the most effective ways to adapt in a digital sales environment. Sales leaders are experimenting with new methods for:

  • Onboarding teams to support remote working
  • Optimising social selling to stand out from the competition and nurture relationships
  • Creating world-class buyer and customer experiences
  • Using data and analytics to understand how to best engage prospects and customers

As one CRO put it, “Remote selling is here to stay.”  We couldn’t agree more.

Yes, companies will eventually return to in-person events and business meetings. But ultimately, sales organisations can’t unsee what’s been revealed: digital selling is faster, more cost effective, and more scalable than traditional sales.

Download your copy to hear directly from sales leaders from Staffbase, Peakon, Forecast, Brandbassador, Smarp, Aidoc Medical, and GoCardless.