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From CMO to CRO with Angus Robertson

November 17, 2020

Angus Robertson is CRO at Axcient, a new type of cloud platform that eliminates data loss, keeps applications up and running, and prevents IT infrastructures from going down. In this episode, learn about Angus’ approach to learning (hint: find someone who scares you) and his unique sales insight after serving as both CMO and now CRO of Axcient.

Shaundai Person, Account Manager at Salesloft, joins Jeremey as guest host, and the three pin down what constitutes a good lead, how to be top-of-mind for a reseller with many partner options, and progressing your agenda with metrics that matter.

[Learning is] all about being in an environment where you’ve got that insane learning curve. Surrounding yourself with people that challenge you, in markets that are interesting, with problems that are hard and making impact.
– Angus Robertson

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