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How Emotional Intelligence Supports Hard Selling Skills with Colleen Stanley

August 27, 2020

Colleen Stanley is President and Chief Selling Officer at SalesLeadership, a sales development firm specializing in the integration of emotional intelligence, sales, and sales leadership skills. Colleen is an acclaimed sales expert, author, and keynote speaker.

In this podcast, she and Jeremey discuss the importance of a learning attitude, the key characteristics of emotional intelligence, and how cultivating the right soft skills helps salespeople execute hard selling behaviors.

I contend that we need to pre-brief as many calls as debrief. Debriefing is very important: ‘Hey, what did you say, you paused here, you stepped on the prospect, you didn’t let them finish the sentence.’ Pre-briefing is, ‘what are you going to say when they say this?’ And you actually see if the seller can execute the skill before they get on a call.
-Colleen Stanley

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