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Mastering Video to Drive Sales with Michael Litt {Hey Salespeople Podcast}

June 16, 2020

Turns out the most engaging tool for online prospecting also happens to be pandemic-proof. Michael Litt has been in love with video since he got his first camcorder, and he’s spent the past decade as CEO and Founder of Vidyard innovating the ways video is used for sales.

In this episode, Michael walks Jeremey through all the reasons that video is a great tool at all stages of the sales process — and demonstrates why giving a kid a camcorder is a lot like giving a pig a pancake!

What we’ll call Gen Z — we qualify them as the people who came into the workplace with the mobile internet. Right? They don’t know what it was like to work without an iPhone in their pocket. Millennials were the ones who didn’t know what it was like to work without email, or computers, or the internet. That generation is far more familiar with video communication.
-Michael Litt

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