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The Intersection of Engineering and Sales with Bryan Caplin

December 17, 2020

Bryan Caplin is CRO at Andela, a company that helps companies build high-performing engineering teams with Africa’s most talented software engineers. In this episode, learn about how the need for engineers has changed over the years.

Bryan and Jeremey discuss planning for 2021 amidst uncertainty, the logistical challenges of having four main hubs on the other side of the world, and why you likely won’t find any sales books on his shelf. Bryan also talks about the value of a rep who can code and what changes he sees in store for the industry.

[There’s] certainly a level of problem solving that you learn and that you develop in becoming a software engineer that I think is incredibly applicable to sales. I think if you are selling to CTOs or VPs of Engineering or heads of product, as we are, it’s incredibly valuable to be able to talk the talk a little bit and to understand a product roadmap and how it’s built.
-Bryan Caplin

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