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The Reciprocity of Authenticity with Lauren Miskelly

May 13, 2021

This year, Women In Sales Everywhere (WISE) teamed up with Salesloft to highlight powerhouse women in SaaS that we predict will be future CROs. This week, we’re sitting down with Lauren Miskelly, who recently joined Plaid to lead and build out their mid-market sales organization after 13 years at Google.

In this episode, hear why Lauren, who was named “The Authentic Acquirer” on the Future Female CROs list, believes it’s important to be yourself — regardless of the situation. Sydney Sloan, CMO of Salesloft and Alex Adamson, Executive Director of WISE, host this special edition of Hey Salespeople.

People spend so much time with a customer that’s never going to buy. If you walk away early on, you free up so much more time for the yeses.
-Lauren Miskelly

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