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Your First 90 Days as a Sales Leader with Michael Watkins

August 25, 2020

Michael Watkins is co-founder of Genesis Advisors, a leadership development firm, and a professor at the IMD Business School in Switzerland. He’s also author of The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels. In this special episode, Michael joins Steve Goldberg, Salesloft’s new CRO, as they discuss how to navigate your first 90 days as a sales leader.

Whether you’ve received a promotion, moved to a different company, or even transitioned to a newly created role, there’s something in this podcast for you.

I always recommend that at the end of each week, you take 15, 20 minutes. How am I feeling? What did I learn? What questions do I have? What am I going to work on next week? Just a little bit of reflection. And it doesn’t have to be much time.
-Michael Watkins

Listen below to the entire podcast episode or on Apple Podcasts here.

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