SalesLoft and Salesforce. Perfectly Integrated.

Even the best Salesforce integrations end up leaving you with two disparate tools, but not anymore. With SalesLoft Connect for Salesforce, you have all the features and functionality of SalesLoft, directly within Salesforce.



Context-Based Insight

Connect for Salesforce understands what information you’ll need based on the Salesforce record you are currently viewing. Relevant information about your contacts is surfaced automatically.

View recent prospect activity from Salesforce and SalesLoft

Get quick links to social profiles, emails, and phone numbers

View recent engagements and cadence activity

Powerful SalesLoft Functionality

Connect for Salesforce isn’t just about bringing valuable information from SalesLoft into your CRM, it also adds a powerful upgrade to Salesforce’s functionality that takes the platform well beyond contact management. Now you can take action on a contact from right inside Salesforce with all the SalesLoft functionality you know and love. You’ll have the power to be more productive, efficient, and effective no matter where you are.

Run a Cadence

Modern sales communication doesn’t stop after one phone call or email, and neither do you. With SalesLoft Connect for Salesforce you can add or remove prospects to a cadence directly from their record within Salesforce. You can even switch a prospect to a different cadence or run a specific step.


Take Action on a Record

Connect for Salesforce transforms your CRM from a passive collection of data to an active home base for all your sales communication. Information inside a record becomes clickable, allowing you to send important information to SalesLoft, send a one-off email with SalesLoft tracking or even call a prospect with the SalesLoft Dialer, without ever leaving your Salesforce tab.

Lightning Ready

Working the way you want is a crucial part of modern sales, and Connect for Salesforce was designed to give you complete control of when and how you use SalesLoft. That includes the option to use Salesforce’s traditional user interface or their new Lightning interface. Whichever look you prefer, SalesLoft will work perfectly and seamlessly.

A Better Way to Manage Your Communications


SalesLoft Dialer

SalesLoft Connect for Salesforce was designed to make Salesforce the home base for all your sales communication. That’s why you can also access the SalesLoft Dialer from inside Salesforce. No switching tabs to make a phone call. Now you can dial prospects from within your inbox, record calls, take notes, and all the other great Dialer features you love.


SalesLoft Connect for Salesforce

The only truly integrated experience between your CRM and sales engagement platform. Built for the modern seller by those who care.


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