Leveraging Salesloft to Advance Your Sales Transformation Efforts

Join Salesloft and our partner, InsideOut, for a walkthrough of how to leverage the power of Salesloft to engage your customers in new ways, with new messaging.

Founder and CRO of InsideOut, Chad Nuss, talks through their Survivalist Guide to transforming your buyer engagement strategy. Joining him is Director of Global Customer Programs at Salesloft, Natasha Evans, who will provide insight on how the customer success team has found success. These techniques and associated case studies will provide quick wins to help you shift your approach to selling with Salesloft.

You will leave this webinar with advanced transformative techniques in your pocket, including agile sales play development, live experimentation and testing, and monitoring of your Salesloft cadences to make fast changes. InsideOut and Salesloft have partnered to provide step-by-step models to change your buyer engagement leveraging the power of your Salesloft platform.