Salesloft University

Welcome to Salesloft U!

There’s no homecoming and you won’t get summers off, but you will find content and training to design your strategy, maximize its effectiveness, and take your sales organization to the next level.


Level up your coaching skills by having meaningful, data-driven 1:1 meetings with your reps at scale

Administer your CRM Integration

Optimize sales activities by integrating the two most critical pillars of your tech stack


Analyze your virtual meetings to level up your engagement strategy & celebrate success


Efficiently track your progression towards your goal & confidently own your forecast call

Salesloft Automation

Level up your Salesloft experience by curating automated workflows following data driven best practices

Webinar Recordings

Salesloft’s library of customer webinar recordings offer tips for optimizing the Salesloft platform, sales strategy, sales engagement best practices, and more!

Webinar Recordings

Fast-Start Training for the Frontline Manager
Join the Salesloft Education Team on the first or third Wednesday of every month for a manager-focused Fast-Start Webinar that addresses how to approach coaching and management using Salesloft functionality.
Fast-Start Training for the Content Creator
Daily Offerings
We host Daily Open Office Hours twice a day hosted by our Customer Success Managers and Technical Support Agents. Drop in with any of your day to day questions, big or small.

Additionally, every Thursday afternoon, we host topical strategy hours that cater to Admins looking to level up their Salesloft game.

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