Virtual Customer Summit On-Demand

Hosted on June 16, 2021

Intelligence that Drives Outcomes

This special product launch edition of our Virtual Summit series is all about connecting sales activities to sales outcomes. What’s your performance to goal? Are you above or below plan? How do you get back on track? You’ve got questions and we’re bringing the answers! You’ll get an up-close-and-personal look at the latest platform innovations and what they mean for your sales team.


Product Keynote

Where Sales Engagement & Revenue Intelligence Meet

Ellie Fields, Chief Product Officer, Salesloft
Albert Rhee, Director, Product Marketing, Salesloft

Videos On-Demand

Digital Sales: What’s Changed and What Hasn’t
Kyle Porter, Founder & CEO, Salesloft
Sandi Klose, Managing Director – Primary Accounts, S&P Global
Kyle Healy, SVP, Sales Enablement, NFP

SalesTech Landscape: Battle For the Revenue Workspace
Sydney Sloan, Chief Marketing Officer, Salesloft
Jacques Bégin, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Salesloft

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Metrics that Matter: 3 Dashboards to Track Success
Lily Linquata, Principal Advisor, Value Engineering, Salesloft
Jimmy Conley, Director, Technical Services, Salesloft

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Look Who's Talking

Sandi Klose
Managing Director - Primary Accounts S&P Global
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Kyle Healy
Senior Vice President, Sales Enablement NFP
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Ellie Fields
Chief Product Officer Salesloft
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Albert Rhee
Albert Rhee
Director, Product Marketing Salesloft
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Kyle Porter
Founder & CEO Salesloft
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Sydney Sloan
Sydney Sloan
CMO Salesloft
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Jacques Bégin
Senior Director, Product Marketing Salesloft
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Lily Linquata
Principal Advisor, Value Engineering Salesloft
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Jimmy Conley
Director, Technical Services Salesloft
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