In sales, efficiency and effectiveness are everything. When your sales engagement platform of record and all your other favorite apps work together, hand in hand, you are more effective (and happier, for that matter).

This month, we are highlighting six new integrations developed to make you more effective. Their features help users share content, increase call connects, execute better calls, write more personalized emails, incorporate custom videos into touches, and – most importantly – stay GDPR compliant. All of these apps (and many more) can be found in the SalesLoft App Directory.

Share the right content, at the right time with Showpad

Marketing and sales alignment is an ongoing struggle in practically every organization. Showpad bridges the gap between sales and marketing by making it easy for sellers to share the latest, on-brand content. The app also enables marketing to invest more in the content that directly impacts sales.

Showpad’s Salesloft App seamlessly integrates with your existing sales workflow. Within the Salesloft platform, users can easily add content to email campaigns and gauge their recipients’ level of interest. The added information helps sellers tailor and time their follow up. As a result, delivering a better buyer experience.

Showpad’s Salesloft App

Use Showpad to:

  • Access marketing-approved content
  • Insert content directly into your SalesLoft emails
  • Automatically create dynamic tracking links
  • Understand content engagement
  • Drive higher content usage across your organization

Have great conversations with Costello

To hit their targets, sales teams need to close the performance gap between their top and average performing reps. The best way to do that is to help reps take a consistent approach to executing sales calls. When reps can accomplish that, their performance can improve by as much as 50%.

Costello helps reps run your conversation playbook during sales calls without having to leave SalesLoft. The app serves as a real-time co-pilot during calls to make sure your reps ask every important question throughout the sales process. Everything they need to confidently handle objections and tell relevant customer stories is accessible in real-time.

Costello's Salesloft App

Use Costello to:

  • Upload your playbooks & resources
  • Enable reps to use playbooks to co-pilot their conversations
  • Create Salesforce opportunities without leaving SalesLoft
  • Update ‘all the things’ with one click
  • Turn your team into an execution (and learning) machine

Have more conversations using ConnectandSell

Cold calls are hard. As salespeople, we unequivocally know this. The Salesloft/ConnectAndSell integration prevents call task buildup by transforming one-at-a-time call tasks into high-velocity ConnectAndSell sessions that execute in minutes instead of hours. The result? The elimination of stalled cadences waiting for completed call tasks, higher velocity, and a complete view of performance for all campaigns across all channels.

The ConnectAndSell solution combines best-in-class technology and a human touch. Together, the human and the machine provide fast connections, more conversations, and offer a seamless transition from our platform to your interaction.

ConnectAndSell's Salesloft App

Use ConnectandSell to:

  • Mitigate “cold call fatigue”
  • Have 800x more MQL coverage
  • 10x more sales conversations
  • Never miss a follow-up

One click email personalization with

We all know personalized emails convert. The problem is that they take time. In sales, we know that time is money. You get the picture. enables sales teams to harness the power of AI to accelerate sales and increase revenue. Sellers use Nova’s automated, email personalization technologies to drive 4x more Sales Qualified Leads while reducing the time per personalized activity by 94%. Sell smarter, not harder.

Nova’s Chrome Extension adds a panel right in the SalesLoft experience. When you compose an email or call a prospect in SalesLoft, you can open the Nova sidebar to browse/inject pre-made personalizations, or use the collected data to create your own.

Nova's Chrome Extension adds a panel right in the SalesLoft experience.

Use to:

  • Leverage AI to do personalization research
  • “One-click” insert into SalesLoft emails
  • Drive more engagement
  • Drive more revenue for your business

Insert personalized sales videos using VidGrid

Emails can all too easily become mundane and bland. Unless you can provide a compelling opening statement, sales reps are at the mercy of their recipient. Leading sales professionals have begun inserting video to stand out. But you can’t stop there. Don’t just make a video – start a conversation.

VidGrid is video’s most interactive platform. It enables video communication for sales, training, education, and support.

Quickly capture your own mini-films, or empower others to record one on your behalf. Collect comments, suggestions, and interactions from right inside your video. Managing your library is made easy too; keep content in sync, up-to-date, and organized on the Grid. Built for every team; no matter the job title or department.

VidGrid + SalesLoft enables video communication for sales, training, education, and support.

Use VidGrid to:

  • Record videos within SalesLoft
  • Insert videos into emails, cadences, and snippets
  • Ask open-ended questions from within the video player
  • Easily trim, blur, caption, and add music to videos
  • Track success of your content

Stay GDPR compliant with DataGrail

The Age of Privacy requires a New Standard of Transparency. DataGrail helps companies comply with the GDPR, CCPA, and similar privacy regulations.

DataGrail helps SalesLoft customers comply with GDPR requirements and similar privacy regulations. GDPR enforces on-demand access and deletion of a requester’s personal data across all first and third party/external business systems. The app gives SalesLoft customers the ability to accepts requests for and deletion of personal data. DataGrail also allows for unification of customer email preferences.

SalesLoft customers can manage risk across all marketing and sales contacts. DataGrail detects non-consented or high-risk contacts, including geographic fingerprinting and migration for consented to non-consented purposes.

The app also sends alerts in the case that a deleted or high-risk contact is recreated in a marketing system via a salesperson’s action or another source.

DataGrail helps SalesLoft customers comply with GDPR requirements and similar privacy regulations.

Use DataGrail to:

  • Easily action GDPR-required data subject rights requests across all company systems
  • Give customers and prospects system-wide control over communications
  • Monitor and alert on risky sales and marketing activities

The SalesLoft App Directory is growing faster than ever, and we see no signs of slowing. All of our integration partners are there to enable your organization to be more effective and efficient. To learn more about these apps (and many more), check out the SalesLoft App Directory.

We are grateful to have you here with us on this journey, and we hope you feel the #saleslove with every enhancement we announce. We are always eager to hear your feedback. If you have any questions please check out the App Directory, or contact