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Our Sales Engagement Platform helps your team set and execute on a cadence of phone, email, and social communications so they can convert more target accounts into customer accounts. The platform equips sales leaders with new capabilities to test, learn and adapt to ensure they execute on the most effective selling process for their account-based approach.

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Sales Development Playbook

Focus on efficient execution of engaging sales calls and emails.

When it comes to sales development, it’s all about executing. Learn the ins and outs of being an efficient sales development rep and maximizing the use of data, phone and email in this playbook.

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Enhance Sales Emails Through a Prospecting Cadence

Build a workflow that includes the ability for Sales Development Reps to both create sales email templates, as well as share them across the team. Track open, click, and response rates, to know that you’re always leading with the best performing messaging. Each activity is automatically logged into Salesforce, streamlining workflow and empowering Sales Operations with a single source.

Increase Productivity with Streamlined Sales Dialing

Increase your conversations by automatically executing on your dedicated call lists. Put on your headset, hit the gas, and power through call after call with the most efficient sales dialer on the market.

Insights Into How You’re Doing — And What It Took To Get There

Don’t live in a black box. Track how many people, outbound touches, and how much time it takes to create an opportunity. Then use this data to double down on what works, and scale back on what doesn’t. View granular insights into the total activities of your team or individuals, giving you a holistic view of your outbound touches so you can quickly uncover if your team is trending up or down on their overall activities.

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Plan, Execute, & Analyze

Get The Most From Your Modern Sales Process

Whether you’re looking to instill a new sales development team or improve your existing one, the Sales Development playbook can help. With tips on planning, executing, and analyzing, you will be able to ensure your sale development team is performing at a high level.

Check out the playbooks for planning, executing, or analyzing, and get started.

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“We’ve created a predictable and repeatable sales process while increasing pipeline generated per rep by 100%.”

Everstring-J.J. Kardwell, President & Co-Founder, Everstring