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No more missed quotas, fuzzy forecasts or time wasted on dead-end opportunities. Close more deals when your entire revenue team is working in one comprehensive platform with the most important tools and integrations for digital selling.

Salesloft Named a Leader in The Forrester WaveTM • Sales Engagement Platforms, Q3 2022

See why Salesloft received the highest possible score in 26 out of 30 criteria

The Top-Rated
Sales Engagement Platform

From prospecting new business to renewing and expanding customers,
The Salesloft Platform makes it easier to exceed your number.

Prospect Smarter, Not Harder With A 2.5x Increase In Response Rates

Orchestrate every call, email, meeting, and interaction through one platform with all activities automatically synced to your CRM.

Advance And Win More Deals, 75% faster

Finally, detailed opportunity insights with pipeline health information, accurate forecasting and step-by-step guidance on what to do next.

Connect Conversations with Outcomes And Win 28% More Deals

Sales call tracking, transcription, analysis and coaching built into the platform and connected to all of your workflows.

Analyze and Optimize Every Touch Point And Drive 3x More Engagement

Easily gather insights from each interaction in the buyer’s journey so you can replicate success and win even faster.

* A commissioned Forrester Total Economic Impact ™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Salesloft in February 2019.

The World’s Most Innovative Organizations Choose Salesloft.

Leading by Example

G2 ranks Salesloft #1 in Enterprise Sales Engagement for 10 quarters

Salesloft was the only company to receive the top possible score in 26 criteria.

Top rated in Sales Acceleration, Sales Engagement, and Sales Email Tracking by TrustRadius.

Sales Leader

Reliable forecasting, developing and retaining talent, and staying agile through change — these top your list of challenges.

Salesloft lets you know what’s working and what’s not to help you set strategy, drive alignment, predictably generate revenue, and scale your sales organization.

Sales Leader Persona
Sales Manager

Are your reps on track to hit their numbers? Salesloft gives you complete visibility into your reps’ activities at a glance.

Keep deals on track and ensure every winnable deal is won. Understand the behaviors of your top-performing reps and replicate them across your entire team. Get more time in the day to coach, ramp new sellers, and help your team hit their number, every time.

Sales Manager Persona
Sales Ops

Struggling to drive process alignment and efficiency across your revenue teams? With Salesloft, you can automate data syncing with your CRM, create sales playbooks for your reps, and curate libraries of best practices.

Plus, save money by consolidating your tech stack with an all-in-one solution. Salesloft’s native functionality gives you a Dialer + Messenger, Opportunity Management, and Conversation Intelligence — all within a single Sales Engagement platform.

Sales Ops Persona

Start and run your entire day in a single app. Navigate between prospecting activities, meetings, pipeline updates, while all your activity automatically syncs back to the CRM.

You’ll book more meetings, build stronger pipeline, and convert more leads to opportunities.

SDR/BDR Persona
Account Executives

So many deals, so little time. Salesloft automates the manual tasks that hold you back and gives you the next best action to propel deals forward.

Start and run your entire day in a single app while all your activity is automatically synced back to the CRM. Manage opportunities from creation to close and expand strategic accounts.

Account Executive Persona
Marketing Leaders

As keepers of the brand, you need to maintain consistent messaging across all revenue-generating teams. You also need to understand what resonates with prospects.

Salesloft gives you the tools and reporting to drive higher inbound response and consistently execute your go-to-market message throughout the customer journey. Plus, you’ll strengthen the relationship with your Sales counterparts, while gaining the insight you need to report on Marketing’s impact on revenue.

Marketing Leader Persona
Customer Success

As a customer success manager, you have three main goals — adoption, expansion, and retention. That’s where Salesloft comes in.

Give new customers self-service resources that help them gain proficiency with your products. Drive deeper product adoption and engagement with ongoing communications that optimize their performance. Set up regular, personalized touchpoints with your customers to help uncover underutilization and customer pain points.

Customer Success Persona
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