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Live Insights With Live Website Tracking

January 11, 2018

In sales, timing is everything. Sales professionals track email opens, clicks, and replies like they’re the stars on their fantasy roster so they can reprioritize activities and react to prospects when their content is top of mind. This has been the option available to sellers for gauging prospect readiness with the exception of the rare returned phone call. Beyond this data point and conversation, sellers can only find out what a buyer needs based on data that gets published on company websites and LinkedIn (for example) – explicitly stated information. Sellers rarely get the opportunity to access useful information the buyer doesn’t know to share or doesn’t find advantageous to share.

What if you could gain access to this information? As it happens. You could create the perfect storm of knowledge and timing, dramatically increasing the value that you can bring to the prospect – the whole purpose of a seller in a modern sales organization.

With Live Website Tracking, you can use the Salesloft platform to gain access to buyers’ browsing behavior on your website. This information supplies both implicit data and implicit signals that can indicate buyer readiness or expose buyer concerns, either fortifying what is already known or providing areas that you need to dig into a little further in follow up.

Live Website Tracking brings a brand new prospect readiness cue to the surface by exposing live and historical website activity to Salesloft. When you combine the unspoken signal of website activity with the more explicit signal of email interaction and direct response, you move closer than ever to understanding what the prospect needs and where they are in their buying journey.

For example, visits to high impact pages on your site (pricing page or integrations that can help let you know what focus area they’re interested in) can communicate serious interest in your solution and can help steer your conversation.

Benefits include:

  • Leverage Past Web Activity: Access to the web activity of People in Salesloft gives you one more advantage as you’re personalizing your cadence steps. If they were looking at the case study on ROI, it might be worth supplying an additional resource on ROI.
  • Live Signals: Prioritizing your next actions based on a prospect being live on your website right now (or recently) can only give you an advantage. NOTE: Don’t be creepy and mention that you saw they were on your site, just let them wonder at the amazing coincidence.
  • Create Amazing Timing: Following up with someone live on your website can create a timing situation that makes you look even more amazing than you already are. Use that timing wisely and to your advantage.

Here’s what it looks like when someone is live on your site.


NOTE: Live Website Tracking requires placement of a tracking code on your company’s website and a Salesloft Admin to enable the feature. Learn more about the required steps here.

We are grateful to have you here with us on this journey, and we hope you feel the Salesloft Love with this announcement, our past product announcements, and the ones that are just around the corner. We are always excited to hear your feedback, so if you have any questions please check out the Knowledge Base, or contact