Sales Email & Dialer

Connect. Engage. Close.

Make every conversation count.
From first contact to close, SalesLoft empowers authentic conversations throughout the customer lifecycle. Respond with relevance, help customers solve problems faster, and enjoy a 13% increase in renewals. Earn life-long business.
Email and Inbox
Be more than just another email.

Sales email is smart, scalable, and moves as quickly as you do. Design email communication Cadences that engage customers. Build a more empathetic and responsive process with the detailed tracking of opens, clicks, and responses.

Leverage personal or team templates from anywhere. Tailor messages with dynamic tags or snippets.
Personalize Where It Counts
Account Tiering prioritizes accounts so you can focus personalization efforts on top-tier accounts, while automating lower-tier accounts.
Take personalization to the next level by updating messages on a one-to-one basis with text, embedded video, or attachments.
A/B Testing
Create variants and auto-distribute messaging to uncover which content you should double down on for the best conversions.
Real, Human Email from Any Platform

Enjoy improved email deliverability and engagement with SalesLoft. Receive notifications on opens, clicks, and responses. Activate the live feed to monitor email activity and respond faster using a paired Dialer.


Work within your preferred application. Send tracked emails from right inside of Gmail.


Microsoft Outlook user? SalesLoft integrates directly into Outlook as well.


No need to switch between programs. Send email within your CRM.

Email + Phone + Direct + Social = Revolutionary Experience

Your customers are more connected than ever before, engaging across multiple channels. SalesLoft provides the only true multichannel sales communication platform, helping convert prospect accounts into customer accounts.

Supercharged Dialer
Seamless calling, right in your workflow.

Make every call count and convert target accounts into satisfied customers with our flexible, efficient Dialer. One-click dialing allows you to make calls, anywhere you work, while Live Call Studio empowers collaboration for stronger teams.

Bridge and VOIP
With SalesLoft, you can leverage intelligent call passthrough to connect to your existing mobile or desk phone.
Sales Leads are 30% more likely to respond if your number has a local area code. LocalDial automatically matches the area code of your outgoing call to the lead you are dialing.
Custom Caller ID
Increase connections and recognition by displaying a phone number that matches the one in your email signature.
Call Quality Sensor
Have confidence that you are hearing your prospects and vice versa. Get real-time feedback so you can take action to ensure a stellar buying experience.
One Click Dialing, Wherever You Are

Connect with more buyers from within the applications you employ most using SalesLoft’s Dialer. Get faster, more efficient, and more precise without changing the way you work.


Call any Lead or Contact object with a single click. Record call activities and auto-log disposition, sentiment, and notes, right from within your integrated CRM.


Streamline your workflow by dialing from within your inbox. Increase your response time and efficiency, and drive more conversions.


With SalesLoft, you can make calls when and where you need to – no need to switch between tabs or platforms.

“One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen using SalesLoft has been improving the volume and quality of our team’s connections and meetings. Efficiency and effectiveness have improved across the board. Our team is currently averaging a 37% connection rate and 35% opportunity creation.”

– Denis Malkov, Revenue Operations Leader at PandaDoc

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