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The age old debate of hunters vs farmers in sales has faced scrutiny from all angles. We’ve realized it’s crucial to recognize the skill sets of individuals on your sales team. Let’s dive in from the beginning and see what we can find.

The Hunter

Typically thought of as ‘the doers,’ hunters aim to close as many deals as fast as possible. They often focus on deal quantity and love to explore new areas.

The Farmer

Farmers focus on developing long-term customer relationships and working with others. Sales people with this attitude are happy working with a few customers to create a lasting impact.

How do these two look side by side?


In today’s sales game, it’s important to be well-rounded. Take note of the skill set of each of your sales reps. The most successful may be hunters who know how to farm, and farmers who know how to hunt. Since every company operates differently, knowing your team and having them learn from one another is what really matters.

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