To develop meaningful sales relationships, you have to build trust by getting to know your prospects, their pains, their needs, and the potential solutions that can help them solve their problems. But with the abundant amount of sales and sales development tools and technologies out there, it’s easy to lose track of what your prospects (and their companies) are up to.

These next three tools can help the best sales reps and SDRs personally connect with prospects, on both an individual and account-based level, by filtering the noise and providing some much-needed context in a content-dominated world.

1. Owler

Get wise with intel from Owler.

Owler‘s crowdsourced data helps sales professionals outsmart their competition while they monitor prospects and customers. Founded by the creators of Jigsaw, this free service has become a must-have tool for all sales professionals.

“Owler gives me more insights into my accounts. I like that I can add companies to my portfolio, which allows me to keep up with recent news, funding, and insight into their industry and competitors.” – Patrick Tracy, SalesLoft SDR.

As one of our Strategic Account Development Reps, Owler is Patrick’s go-to resource for understanding new accounts.

His favorite feature? Owler’s Competitive Graph — it provides him with context around the companies he’s prospecting in a similar industry, along with competitive intelligence on company info, recent news, funding, social stats, and more.

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The “My Portfolio” and “My Companies” features are also great for Account Based Sales Development, because the intel provided gives you more insight into a target account’s competition.

And vice versa, an account’s competitors are also potential companies that you’d want to target in the future. Take for example: if a company’s competitors are customers of your product, then you can leverage that information to help set a prospecting appointment or demo to see if your product would be able to fill a similar need for them.

Finally, Owler’s Daily Snapshot email puts your voice in front of their audience of over 200,000 business professionals — an added bonus for using their free service.

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2. CharlieApp

Rock your next meeting with CharlieApp.

Charlie sends you a daily meeting recap with compiled briefings on your prospects. It’s an efficient way to start conversations by helping you connect with a lead on a personal level — in just a matter of seconds.

“Charlie can bring you up to speed with someone you’re about to talk to at the click of a button. It shows you mutual interests that you have in common with a prospect, and allows you to quickly build rapport – which is extremely important.” – Kevin Walkup, SalesLoft Account Executive

Charlie saves valuable time by aggregating personal and company information in a consolidated briefing – a huge benefit for those AEs and SDRs who have back-to-back demos and calls scheduled.

The app filters through hundreds of sources while automatically sending useful insights on the people (and companies) that you’re meeting with — before you even see them.

Plus, social media profiles are included in these briefings, so you don’t have to search for them on each individual platform. +1 for Charlie!

How it works:

Sync your calendar to get intel on people and companies, just minutes before your meetings.

  • Here’s an example briefing if you were to prospect and meet with me:

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The social networks that you connect to the app allow Charlie to perform research on your behalf:

  • Discover their passions, hobbies, and talking points (via Twitter)
  • Note their top moments, status updates, and hobbies (via Facebook)

CharlieApp3CharlieAppsales development tools

On top of the personal info that Charlie provides, you also get a simple snapshot of company info to use in combination with more robust account-based tools (like Owler).

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3. CrystalKnows

Clearly communicate with a prospect using CrystalKnows.

“Crystal gives you a better sense of who you’re trying to communicate with. It gives you the context needed to open a conversation.” – Brad Ansley, SalesLoft SDR.

Crystal is a new technology built on the age-old principle of healthier and more productive communication through empathy. This Chrome Extension is great for emails, meetings, and relationships, as it quickly organizes personality profiles into one easy-to-access place in Gmail.

Here’s what another one of our Strategic Account Development Reps, Brad Ansley, would see if he were prospecting me as a potential lead using Crystal:

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Crystal analyzes and shares how two people might interact and relate before a meeting. It gives access to personality profiles to learn the best ways to communicate with coworkers, prospects, and customers based on public data analysis, as well as user and peer reviews.

As you communicate through email, you can quickly view these prospect insights via their personality profile.

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Using personality profiles, Crystal offers real-time suggestions and corrections to your emails as you type – helping translate your communication style to resonate with that of the recipient’s.

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And last but not least, through Crystal, you’ll receive a daily email that helps you prepare for the rest of your meetings — and make them more productive.

What’s in your sales stack?

Owler, CharlieApp, and CrystalKnows are three of the top tools available to help Account Execs and Sales Development Reps create more personal connections with prospects during conversations.

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