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Combating Sales Objections From Start to Finish, A Sales Tips Video

2 min read
Oct. 21, 2015

Whether you’re on the frontline or the closing end of the sales process, it’s always helpful to show up to the party prepared for any and all buyer objections. Salesloft SDR Manager Margaret Weniger and VP of Sales Derek Grant share their tips for combating objections on both ends of the sales spectrum, and how to control the sale from start to finish.

As a manager of a sales development team, Margaret arms her SDRs with call scripts to help prepare them for the common objections or questions they may encounter on a call. By breaking the scripts up into digestible, customizable pieces for SDRs to learn and personalize, Margaret is able to prep her team with the best ways to sell prospects on the next step in the sales process and get them asking for a demo first.

Then Derek’s advice addresses a common closing objection — incentives. It’s normal during the negotiation phase of a close that a buyer ask for a discount. But Account Executives need to be prepared with ways to give those closing incentives in a way that allows them to keep the balance in the transaction. Is the buyer asking for a discount on the smallest pricing package? Offer them a discount if they go up a few seats. Leverage incentives in a way that will both show your negotiation skills, but still hold both parties accountable to their ends of the bargain.

From the beginning to end of the sales process, many objections may come into play. But it’s how you handle them that proves your preparedness going into the call. And the more prepared you are for a call, the more calls you can make.

Have any tips for sales preparation that have helped you stay in control of the sales process? Comment below your best practices!