Hunter or Farmer? Modern Sales is Both

The list of stereotypes for sales professionals is a long one, and it’s not always the most flattering. From selfish, to sloppy, dishonest, and robotic, the reputation of traditional salespeople is often juxtaposed to caricature-type personas. So in an effort to shed some of these stereotypically negative images, modern sales professionals have recently been compared to two relatively harmless personas: hunters and farmers.

Hunters, traditionally, are the Sales Development Reps that do just what the name suggests: hunt for new business through front-line selling tactics like prospecting and cold-calling, lifting rocks and knocking on doors wherever they smell a lead. Farmers, on the other hand, are the sales nurturers, cultivating customers from what they already have planted in their lead field to grow more with existing relationships.

If you need help determining which bucket you (or your team) falls into, take our Sales Personality Quiz.

The problem with this split is, with modern sales, it’s not enough to be just one. Whether you’re a Sales Development Rep, Account Executive, or even a full-cycle rep, the characteristics of both personas need to be present for a successful modern sales process. Check out the infographic below to learn more about how to be both a hunter and a farmer:


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