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Put Me In Coach: 10x Your Economic Impact With Sales Development

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Updated Apr. 24, 2020
Published May. 15, 2016

Author of Economical Growth, Chris Pham is no stranger to scaling sales development teams. After nearly three years at MuleSoft and growing their sales development team with an account based method, he moved to Birst, where he’s the reigning Senior Director of Sales Development.

The process of scaling sales development teams is evolving, and power players like Birst’s Chris Pham are leading the charge. On a webinar with Salesloft, SnackNation, and Birst, Chris gave us a great rundown of how to run through the planning process of setting up your SDR team: the recruiting, the build out, and how to get that process started.

In this conversation, Chris shared his top four steps to help 10x your ROI by successfully scaling sales development teams. Take a look:

Put Me In Coach: 10x Your Economic Impact With An All-Star Sales Development Team

From Visually.

“Make sure that you’re not only able to scale,” Chris says, “but that you’re just as efficient prosecuting that type of demand that you’re creating.” A great team is only as great as it’s scalability, and with these steps in mind, you’ll be able to kickstart a successful season, and continue scaling sales development teams within your organization.

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