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Selling in the Time of COVID-19: Pro Tips to Help You Get Results

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Updated Oct. 1, 2021
Published Mar. 16, 2020

COVID-19 may be changing the way you work and where you work, but one thing it doesn’t change is your  need to get results.  We feel your pain because we’re feeling it, too.  

Travel restrictions, temporary hiring freezes, changes in market demand, and remote teams all create new challenges and make it harder to sell. We get it.

As a Salesloft customer, our #1 priority is to help you hit your numbers, so let’s talk about how we can do that. Check out these pro tips and best practices for SDRs all the way up to Sales Leaders, broken out by role below. Learn how you can lean in to the Salesloft platform to get more out of it during these uncharted times. 

For SDRs & AEs

Cadences May Be Your Best Friend, but Call Quality Matters 

Chances are you’re working from home, and if you’re not already, you probably will be soon. That means you’ll need a solid internet connection to mitigate bandwidth issues and improve Dialer call quality. To start, try these tips:

1. Connect your computer directly to your internet service via ethernet cable. VoIP functions best with a stable internet connection, which Wi-Fi sometimes lacks.

2. Run this test so you can know exactly what kind of bandwidth you have. Then try the Dialer to make sure your connection is strong enough. Here are some test numbers to have a little fun with:

  • Hogwarts Admission Number: 1-605-475-6961
  • Santa Claus: 1-951-262-3062

3. Turn on Call Pass Through if you’re worried about your network quality. Call Pass Through initiates your calls in the Salesloft platform but takes the actual call from a second phone line. You can use a landline, like your office phone, or a cell phone.

Check out the rest of our pro tips  and best practices here. There’s a lot of great information to be found about how to get the best Dialer quality while you work from home.

Retrieve Key Contact Information & Receive Lead Notifications — From Anywhere

If you’re an iPhone user, download the Salesloft Mobile app so you can access all your Salesloft contacts and their activities in the palm of your hand. You can even turn on push notifications to be alerted when someone opens or clicks an email, or gets flagged as a Hot Lead.

For Sales Managers 

Use Live Call Studio for Coaching & Conversation Intelligence for Call Review

Valuable coaching opportunities aren’t limited to the sales floor. Use Live Call Studio to coach your team even though you can’t be with them in person. Consider running a virtual “power hour” where your team can get together to call and managers can be ready to jump in using the Hand-Raise feature.

Here are three other ways to engage:

  • Listen in. Listen to what’s happening on any of your team member’s live calls with a click.
  • Whisper feedback. Deliver the coaching a rep needs in the moment by providing feedback that only they can hear.
  • Join the call. Join an ongoing call yourself, seamlessly entering the conversation.

But let’s be real: You can’t always be on every rep’s call, so that’s where you should rely on Conversation Intelligence to help you coach remotely. Use it to review transcribed calls quickly by jumping to mentions of key topics like next steps, pricing, and competitors. Make notes directly in the transcript so you can easily share your feedback. This is also a good way to identify trends among your team and create coaching playlists to replicate success across your entire sales organization. 

Review Activity Logs & Analytics for Performance Tracking

Ensure that Salesloft is properly integrated with (SFDC) so you can run advanced analytics. Then all of your team’s completed activities will be logged in Salesforce at the lead, contact, or account level. Whenever a team member sends an email, logs a phone call with the Dialer, completes an “Other” step, or even takes a note, that completed activity gets recorded within a Salesforce record’s activity history.

Especially when your team can’t physically be together, Salesloft Analytics can help you keep your finger on the pulse of how effective your sales process is and ensure your team is hitting its activity performance metrics. 

Actions in the Salesloft platform are available in Analytics reports as soon as you visit or refresh the Analytics page. This page houses helpful reports so you can virtually help your teams stay the course or course correct.  

Both reps and sales managers should take advantage of activity logging and analytics data during remote coaching or strategy sessions.

Salesloft Platform Testing Capabilities Can Help You Refine Your Sales Process 

Depending on your industry, you’re seeing more or less demand for your product or service, but that doesn’t change the sales number you need to hit. However, what likely must change is your sales process.  For example, if you have a largely outside sales model, how do you pivot to a more inside sales approach?

That’s where you should really lean on the Salesloft platform to test new messages, templates, and cadences to identify what’s most effective in your fully virtual sales process.

Use Salesloft Cadence Analytics to understand open, click, and reply rates for email messaging. Monitor Call Analytics to find what works and what doesn’t. Teams must realize that changes in market demand could mean changes in how customers are responding and how reps should be selling.

We’ve seen clients run weekly competitions that motivate reps to collaborate on solutions together. You can also incentivize new and creative talk tracks with spiffs and then test that messaging in the field. Salesloft will provide the data you need to adjust your sales plays in this shifting economic environment. 

For Reps, Managers, and Leaders

Salesloft Deals Will Help You Keep Track of “All-Things-Opportunity- Management”

While  the economy is in what feels like a constant state of flux, you’ll likely be increasing scrutiny on forecasting and deal health — just like we’re doing here at Salesloft. Now more than ever, it’s critical to keep your pipeline up to date. 

For Salesforce users,  Salesloft Deals can give you a holistic view of everything that matters when managing a deal. Within Salesloft Deals, Pipeline View will help your team prevent opportunities from slipping through the cracks, while Deal View can facilitate coaching and strategy conversations about opportunities during one-on-ones. Finally, keep an eye on deal health by reviewing  Deal Gaps to identify opportunities that may be slipping and what you should do to get deals back on track.

As always, we’re here to help with any of your Salesloft platform questions. Join Salesloft experts for a live Q&A session during Office Hours, hosted twice daily. Bring all your burning questions on topics like Cadence Best Practices, Automation Rules, Admin Settings, and more. Register here.