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Demandbase Increases Call Connect Rates, Converts $700K in Opportunities in a Down Economy

When the promises of one Sales Engagement vendor didn’t pay off, Demandbase migrated to Salesloft. Then executive leadership issued a challenge: do more with less. The Sales and Marketing teams assessed how to maximize the technology they already had, including Salesloft. By combining Demandbase intent data with Salesloft engagement data, cadences, and automation, Demandbase took its account-based strategy to the next level, achieving personalization at scale. The SDR team improved its call connect rate by 3% and converted $700K in low-priority opportunities in a down economy.

Who Is Demandbase?

Demandbase helps companies drive their account-based marketing strategies and maximize B2B marketing performance. After pioneering the ABM category nearly a decade ago, Demandbase is an industry leader and an indispensable part of the B2B tech stack. The company offers an end-to-end ABM platform that helps B2B companies identify, win, and grow the accounts that matter most. 

Challenge: Lack of Activity Tracking and Reporting Stalled Account-Based Strategy

As an ABM platform, Demandbase invests heavily in being able to execute its account-based strategy. But to do that right requires activity tracking and reporting to help measure program efforts. Without key metrics, like open rates, the team had to build manual reports in Salesforce.

Sean Magee Headshot Case Study

Sean Magee, Sr. Sales Development Manager, oversees a team of 16 enterprise and midmarket SDRs, with 97% of the team outbound. 

“One component of an ABM strategy is the measurement part,” Sean said. “So, actually following up on what’s working, the different open rates, reply rates, etc. Without those capabilities, we were spinning our wheels.”

Demandbase knew it needed to do something different. Sean was part of the team that evaluated Sales Engagement platform options. 

“When we looked at Salesloft, it was just a lot easier,” Sean said. “Everything was built in, baked in, and ready to go. And we didn’t have to do anything manually, so it was a much lighter lift for us.”

Soon after the implementation, the team got to put Salesloft through its paces. 

At the beginning of the year, our executive team came to us with extremely aggressive growth goals.
— Sean Magee, Sr. Sales Development Manager at Demandbase 

Solution: Demandbase Intent Data and Salesloft Engagement Data Supercharge Prospecting Efforts

Given the mandate from leadership, the Demandbase Sales and Marketing teams strategized on how to maximize what they already had. 

Their solution: marry the Demandbase platform’s intent data with Salesloft’s engagement data to make the prospecting process more efficient. With this potent combination, Demandbase took its account-based strategy to the next level.

Using Salesforce as the conduit, Demandbase pushed intent data to Salesloft. Essentially, the Demandbase data made decisions for reps, helping them kick off the right types of campaigns. For accounts showing higher intent, reps used more personalized, one-off messaging. Accounts showing lower intent were placed into automated cadences.

For example, if a prospect researched a competitor, Demandbase put them into a competitor takedown cadence and let it run. Automated approaches like this one helped SDRs achieve personalization at scale. According to Sean, that’s when things really took off for his team. 

“We put accounts that we traditionally ignored into these cadences and we’ve had a bunch of opportunities generated from that,” Sean said. “It’s saved us a lot of time and picked up the slack.”Katharine Noonan Headshot Case Study

According to Katharine Noonan, Enterprise Sales Development Representative at Demandbase, “Salesloft engagement data has been the perfect complement to our intent-based account and contact prioritization strategy in three areas: who, how, and when. I am not only able to see who is engaging with my prospecting efforts, but I also see which channels are performing the strongest, and what times are optimal to reach out.”

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration was also key. With LinkedIn as the preferred communication channel for many prospects, some Demandbase SDRs get almost all their opportunities via LinkedIn.

SDR Jake Clare said, “LinkedIn IS the third channel. Salesloft’s LinkedIn integration allows me to easily incorporate InMails and connection requests into my outbound cadences.”

Results: Increased Call Connect Rate and Opportunities in Challenging Times

Using Demandbase intent data and Salesloft cadences and automation, Demandbase has taken its account-based strategy to the next level.

Jay Tuel, VP of Productivity and Sales Development, said, “Most sales or sales development leaders will tell you their connect and reply rates went down in the spring and summer of 2020 with some companies going as far as stopping calling altogether.”

But Demandbase didn’t want to remove calling from its strategy. Salesloft Analytics helped the team understand the best times to connect when everyone started working from home. 

“During a period where most of my peers were seeing dramatic decreases, by optimizing call times we saw reps average an additional 10 connects per week, converting to three opportunities per week,” Jay said. “Multiply that by tens of thousands of calls and the connects really add up.”

Without Salesloft’s Analytics, we wouldn’t have had this insight and wouldn’t have been able to get the most out of this prospecting channel.
— Jay Tuel, VP of Productivity and Sales Development at Demandbase

Daily use of Analytics reports like optimal calling time, call sentiment, call disposition, optimal email time, email engagement proved essential for building strong solution-specific cadences.

“The data that shows what’s working, what’s not working, when to call, when to email, has proven to be the biggest changing factor for us and has helped us increase our quotas,” Sean said. “Looking at the data, we’ve been more efficient and more productive working from home. I don’t think we could have done it without Salesloft.”

In a difficult economy and in one month, Demandbase SDRs netted over $700K in low priority opportunities, facilitated by Salesloft cadences, automation rules, and call and email analytics. 

According to Jay, “One of my favorite things about working with Salesloft is how much they embrace integrations with other sales technologies. Utilizing their integration with Salesforce and being able to easily connect Demandbase’s intent keywords to cadences we are able to create plays around keywords where we can personalize prospecting based on those topics, competitors, or products that closely relate to those keywords. The ability to better personalize prospecting at scale through intent keyword automation has led to increased reply rates from our cadences.”   

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