April 11, 2019 | 2 min. read

5 Techniques For Capturing B2B Inbound Leads

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When someone completes a lead generation form on your website, they are clearly in the buying mindset. They’ve taking meaningful action towards a purchase. How is your sales team responding to these inbound leads?

If your sales team pushes off a response for a few days – or even hours – you are already behind. The person may have already visited a competitor’s website and made a purchase decision, or at least be further into the sales process with a more responsive salesperson. A failure in sales response time is costly. Which is why you should follow some basic Best Practices for Inbound B2B Sales Lead Responses.

This white paper was designed to uncover the most effective way for your sales organization to respond to inbound sales leads.  Download the eBook to get answers to questions about your team can capitalize on inbound leads, such as:

  • How are videos incorporated into demo request pages?
  • Do multi-step forms convert higher than single page forms?
  • How much copy should be included on a demo request page?
  • When is a live demo webinar preferable to a 1:1 demo?
  • Is using social autofill convenient or creepy?
  • What is a good framework for scaling personalization?

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