When we dedicate more than one eBook to a topic, you know it’s important. That’s why we’ve dedicated three full ebooks to the topic of making Salesforce into the modern sales engagement tool sales organizations need.

While Salesforce is the industry standard for customer relationship management (CRM), at it’s core it is a reactive system. It takes in your data, catalogues your leads, and activities, but does very little in the way of helping you get out there and close deals. It’s a great way to stay organized, but if you want to use it to generate leads and work them to close, it takes a few adjustments and the right tool.
In this kit, we compiled three ebooks focused on how sales organizations can use a solid understanding of the Salesforce platform and a few small upgrades to turn Salesforce into a legitimate sales engagement tool. Each ebook focused on a different function or piece of the sales team including:

  • Salesforce for Sales Development Reps
  • Salesforce for Sales Operations
  • Salesforce for full cycle sales

Download the full kit and learn how to turn Salesforce into a modern selling machine for every sales function.


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