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Overcome Barriers Like a Boss with Ralph Barsi {Hey Salespeople Podcast}

May 5, 2020

Throughout Ralph Barsi’s career, he’s been observing the intricacies of the companies he’s worked for and the tactics of his colleagues. He’s recognized patterns that define effective reps and has emulated those traits to become a team leader.

Now VP of Global Inside Sales at, Barsi shares his insights on how to overcome five barriers to gain sales efficiency on this episode of the Hey Salespeople podcast.

I’m a huge proponent of all sales development reps being certified, whether it’s level 100 or level 200 in their product line, in the marketplace, in the major problems that the product line resolves for customers in use cases and case studies, so that they can really walk the talk when they have prospects on the phone. Even though a lot of people will break out or teir their prospects – tier one are the most precious, tier two are ones we’d like to have, tier three are like, “eh, let’s fall on our face a little bit.” – I think if you instead treat them all like tier ones, and speak to them, like that, you’d be really surprised at some of those tier threes that you have labeled today are prime logos that can influence the trajectory of your company for the better.
-Ralph Barsi

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