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Sales Performance Dashboard

Tracking sales performance isn’t as simple as it sounds. With our end-to-end sales dashboard, managers and leaders can monitor, track, and assess key metrics across their entire pipeline. 

Master sales management when you follow individual team members’ performance and improve decision-making with accurate, actionable insights.

Real-Time Sales Metrics

Gain valuable insights when your sales data is  tracked in real-time and displayed in easy-to-read dashboards containing your most important metrics. You’ll be able to confidently answer questions about your sales team’s process, performance, and revenue results.

Understand the key behaviors of your top performing sales reps so you can replicate across the team. Customize your dashboards and reports based on your team’s key performance indicators (KPIs) via the Outcomes Dashboard (available on Cadence and Deals). 

For richer intelligence, combine real-time reporting with sales analytics and CRM integration.

sales performance metrics

Sales Funnel Reports

Never be in the dark about a deal again. With automated sales reports, reps can always keep their sales pipeline in view. 

Spend less time on clunky spreadsheets and more time meeting sales goals. Discover how customers move through the funnel and where salespeople encounter roadblocks via progress reports.

Use your dashboard to locate at-risk deals, take action on deal gaps, and stay informed on high-level revenue targets.

Forecasting Capabilities 

Salesloft’s all-in-one platform includes Forecast which enables sales leaders to confidently call and consistently deliver their number. Better understand deal health and buyer engagement with flexible sales dashboard software and increased pipeline visibility.

Combine Salesloft’s AI Forecast with your weighted pipeline and team’s number for a more accurate sales forecast. Salespeople can identify risks in their pipeline, build new sales strategies, and win more deals – all from one platform.

Salesloft’s innovative dashboard design also makes it easy to monitor sales team performance and sales activities.

Aided by our workflow, sales managers gain data-rich, actionable insights on their reps’ deal progress. Analyze these insights to boost sales productivity, identify your best sellers, or elevate the sales process.

Customizable Sales Dashboards

Every company is focused on different KPIs so every company is relying on different sales metrics. With Salesloft, you can get rid of Excel spreadsheets and customize your sales reports to track progress toward goals. Sort reports based on any sales metric and filter by individuals, groups, activity types and more.

Master pipeline management when your dashboards make it possible to view sales activity and score buyer engagement across stages, identify gaps at-a-glance, and see all of your sales team’s open opportunities in a pipeline leaderboard. At the individual level, sales reps can easily track their pipeline and identify pain points.

Use the Deal Summary as a one-stop revenue dashboard to prioritize efforts and power accurate forecasting with full visibility into sales opportunities. With so many real-time data sources in one platform, you can go a level deeper by drilling into reports specific to cadence, accounts, team performance, calls, and emails.

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Sales representatives need a leg up to keep their deals on track. The obvious solution is a sales performance dashboard—but you don’t want to hear from us. You want to hear from our customers. Check out what they have to say below.
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Track Metrics Seamlessly with a Sales Performance Dashboard
Whether you’re networking on social media or cold calling, sometimes you need a little prospecting boost.

To reduce friction, simplify your prospect pool with Salesloft Prospect

Leverage an automated, multi-channel workflow to optimize lead generation and lead management. Structure your workday, prospecting methods, and follow-up routines as you see fit.

Build and make adjustments to your multi-channel messaging with ease. Run your entire day out of a single app and sync back with your sales CRM for additional transparency.

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The middle of the pipeline can be the most complicated. In order to win bigger and faster, salespeople need flexible sales tools like Salesloft Sell

Define and visualize your sales process with detailed metrics and deal tracking. Develop accurate sales forecasts and spot issues that are costing you revenue. Analyze your pipeline health, then use your findings to empower coaching, training, and day-to-day administration. 

Integrate to further enhance the pipeline management processes of your CRM software.

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Retention rates drop without the right workflow to support customer teams.

But with Salesloft Engage, sales leaders can build and mechanize the perfect approach. 

Use dashboards, filters, and real-time reporting to deepen your perspective on the post-sale experience. Better align with company key performance indicators by monitoring account health and customer engagement. Enhance sales opportunities by personalizing and escalating communication.

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When your customer base is constantly growing, full-cycle selling is a goliath task. You can learn how to adapt by building the perfect pipeline with Salesloft Enterprise

From prospect to close, leaders will always know where deals are in the pipeline, what sales reps are doing, and how to keep them on task.

Align your pipeline to your company’s sales process. Scale activities to crush quotas, hit goals, and build stronger customer relationships. 

Expand faster with less friction by utilizing other tools such as templates, real-time reporting, analytics, and email marketing automation to customize your pipeline. 

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