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Although vital to the prospecting process, cold emailing is difficult to manage and even harder to execute. To achieve consistent results, sales teams need flexible cold email software like Salesloft. 

Email campaigns using Salesloft make personalized messages simple, yet efficient with email automation and engagement toolsets. Get more replies to your cold emails with analyzing email sentiments, customizable email templates, automated email cadences, and a/b testing messages.

Generate Quality Leads

To convert great leads, B2B sales teams need to rely on more than run-of-the-mill email marketing software.

Fortunately, with cold email tools provided by Salesloft Cadence, potential customers are easier to engage than ever.

Develop team-wide workflows and perfectly tailor lead generation campaigns to your buyer persona. Scale and personalize every key touchpoint. Build email lists, expand sales campaigns, and automate follow-up emails and email chains in just a few clicks. 

Create Custom Email Templates

Email templates are the backbone of scalable prospecting. Without them, cold emailing is exhausting, time-consuming, and not to mention expensive.

Lucky for you, Salesloft’s platform makes it possible for sales leaders to share the most effective cold email templates with their teams!

You can also customize your contact list, personalize follow-up, and scale your email deliverability with scheduled sending and other helpful tools. 

Prefer a more direct approach? No problem. You can use Salesloft to create and manage one-off email sends too. 

(To further boost email performance, check our guide on sales email best practices.)

Monitor Real-Time Analytics

For a cold email campaign to be successful, sales teams need to stay in tune with the data.   

Salesloft lends a helping hand with real-time sales analytics.

Use email tracking to harness accurate data, or test with A/B testing to discover what’s landing with your target audience. Monitor deliverability and key template performance metrics such as bounce rates, open rates, and reply rates, on top of email sentiment tracking for deeper analysis. 

Leverage new intel for decision-making and build a new-and-improved, data-backed cold email sales strategy.

Sync Data with Integrations

We take our role as a sales engagement platform seriously. That’s why we prioritize functionality with flexible integrations

Store and manage all your data in one place. Sync back with popular tools, such as Hubspot and Salesforce CRM. Use special add-ons for email personalization with Vidyard, Seismic, and many more inside Salesloft.

We even support your favorite email service provider! Integrate with Gmail or Outlook and manage your campaign out of your email account, CRM, or Salesloft.

Complete A/B Testing

A/B testing allows you to compare and contrast your email campaigns. Salesloft’s automation protocols accelerate testing. 

Expand your sample size and target variables for testing via Cadence.

Discover which adjustments help boost conversion rates. (For example, you may monitor subject lines, formatting, and content changes.)

Examine campaigns as a whole or track single emails for more selective data!

Find Leads with Cold Email Software
The last thing prospects want is another generic cold email. You either have to stand out or face the wrath of the delete key.

Whether you’re prospecting on LinkedIn or social media, Salesloft Prospect helps you reach out at the right time, with the right email. 

Use analytics to study email performance and pinpoint the most effective messages. Apply newfound knowledge to lower unsubscriber rates, turnaround low reply rates, and gauge email opens. Manage prospects through a multi-channel workflow, CRM integration, and other customizable automation features.

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For sales teams to close deals, the buyer’s journey needs to stay organic and conversational. Cold emailing through Salesloft Sell can help by filling the sales pipeline with more opportunities to close deals.

Use Sell to better align ongoing interactions with your marketing drip campaigns. Track sellers at every stage of the pipeline. Send one-off messages to introduce pricing plans or bulk emails to assist with automated follow-up.

Record and coach other activities such as cold calling for maximum transparency.

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You might’ve sealed the deal, but the buyer-seller relationship doesn’t end with a sale. Your team will need adaptable email tools to guarantee an excellent post-purchase experience.

Take the guesswork out of customer retention and add Salesloft Engage to your marketing tools.

Use automation tools to route buyers to the best workflow. Manage engagement with email tracking. Produce templates for product adoption, renewals, and upsell opportunities. Reach out via email before problems occur and quickly direct customers for one-on-one support.

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A cold email may seem like a drop in the ocean, but for teams focused on full-cycle selling, it may be the catalyst to a great sale. 

To drive expansion further and refine every email to perfection, choose our Enterprise package

Guide and scale campaigns to your lifecycle. Distribute and track cold email performance with ease. Sync back via CRM integration to gain clarity on your selling styles. Execute every email with precision and consistent brand messaging for bigger and better turnarounds.

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