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Deal Intelligence Software

Salesloft’s deal intelligence helps your revenue team win bigger deals, see the full picture, and build stronger connections with your buyers. 

Utilize visualized dashboards to accurately assess pipeline and deal health. Take action before deals slip through the cracks. Share insights with your sales reps and make the right decisions for the right opportunities.

Effective Pipeline Management

Salesloft delivers an unfiltered view of your pipeline. Leaders can maintain at-a-glance visibility while frontline sales managers unlock the insight they’ve always dreamed of. 

Determine which deals are progressing and which are likely to stall in Salesloft Deals. Take action and coach sales reps to close before buyers go dark. 

Boost collaboration between stakeholders by keeping your team up-to-date with accurate, timely data. Know what’s happening with every deal at every pipeline stage—all without losing hours on micromanagement.

Automate CRM Sync

Your CRM isn’t designed to track deals. It stores and organizes your customer contact information and records the interactions. You need deal intelligence software, like Salesloft, to engage with buyers, manage pipeline, and give sales reps a workflow to close deals.

Complete with customizable automation rules and bi-directional sync, sales teams who use Salesloft can centralize and share vital info with their CRM. 

Easily maintain accuracy and keep deal data cohesive. Salesloft integrates with leading CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 making it possible for revenue teams to work out of a single app.

Implement Intelligence Tools

To ensure you’re getting the most out of every deal, Salesloft offers the intelligence that sales managers to make decisions and coach effectively.

Review key deals and drill down into every customer interaction, from sales calls to video. Eliminate busywork by utilizing intelligence tools like Salesloft’s Conversation Intelligence to harness greater insights. 

Get the inside scoop on all your best leads as conversations unfold. Catch valuable information via transcriptions and video recording. Build playlists for sales coaching or to learn more about potential buyers.

Seamlessly Manage Pipeline

Salesloft’s real-time insights ensure revenue teams know their pipeline inside out.

Wield both artificial intelligence and rep intuition in Forecast to analyze every deal affecting revenue. Use this knowledge to improve predictions, meet quotas, and adjust goal posts for your team. 

Seamlessly track revenue at every stage of the lifecycle. Use visual dashboards to discover your greatest deals, your worst outcomes, and your best solutions.

Close More Deals

With deal intelligence, sales leaders can implement effective changes to their sales strategy.

Furthermore, through enhanced pipeline visibility, reps understand their buyers better. This allows them to sell with precision—prioritizing the right deals at the right time for the best outcomes.

Wield deals insights to push stagnant leads to close, build stronger relationships, and capitalize on the customer lifecycle.

Upgrade Your Deal Intelligence Software
Lead generation all too often feels like a chore. Slowed down by manual tasks and unqualified leads from marketing automation, connecting with qualified leads easily falls to the wayside.

Sales teams can make the switch to streamlined prospecting with Salesloft Prospect.

Whether you’re prospecting on phone calls or via email, you can quickly reach out to target demographics with scheduled messaging and curated email lists. 

Build intuitive workflows to manage sales leads efficiently. Work with your favorite customer relationship management software. Run your entire day out of a single app.

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Maintaining visibility into sales cycles is an uphill battle for managers. Salesloft lends a hand by integrating opportunity management alongside our other automation tools.

Track and sync important details like deal health, buyer engagement, and account details into your sales CRM. Discover more time to sell by automating sales forecasting and basic tasks. 

Use our sleek dashboards to follow your reps’ deals and step in to coach at a moment’s notice.

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Customer support is perilous without a sales automation platform to back you up. 

Salesloft Engage supports reps in this area by taking a data-backed approach to customer success. 

Use email automation to build and maintain customer relationships efficiently. Follow active accounts and direct reps to problem areas with a single click. 

Automate renewals and lead nurturing according to account tier. Work with CRM software and compatible marketing tools for greater flexibility.

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For those of us focused on full-cycle selling, expansion is a top priority. However, as the client list grows, the more complex the sales process becomes.

Salespeople can keep it simple by collaborating on Salesloft Enterprise. With this package, sales leaders gain full control over their deal cycle. 

Systemize daily tasks and sync with selective CRM platforms for increased transparency. Scale your activities with automation tools. Forecast with precision. Align with marketing teams and boost your bottom line with smarter selling tools.

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